That’s a line from a Fabreeze Brothers song that didn’t make the album (the rhymes will be resurrected elsewhere, trust me on that)… but yeah, when I was a youngster in the earrrrrly days of Hip Hop I drew up some party flyers for Mount Vernon’s legendary Collins Bros. crew. For those who weren’t around or in the NYC area in those days, the Collins Bros. rocked with all the Hip Hop pioneers- see the other names on the flyer- and definitely paved the way for the next generation coming out of the Money Earnin’ / Now Rule area (Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Heavy D & The Boys, Brand Nubian etc.). My dude Mark Collins aka DJ Mark C recently posted a pic of this flyer from 1980 on Facebook and I bugged out! Haven’t seen this in 34 years. So it’s nice to see my own direct link to the original days of Hip Hop- I wasn’t rhyming or deejaying yet, but I was soaking it all in at the jams way back then and putting in work with the pen and ink even as a youngin’ (I love the creativity of writing lyrics, spinning records for mixes, making beats etc. but my natural god given talent is drawing pictures above everything else). This is my history right here- thanks to Mark C. for letting me revisit a time that helped shape who I am today.


Mad pics of the PMC ACRR bundles poppin’ up on Facebook and the DWG site, among other spots… super ill. Mr. Cratedigger, I want that fly v-stitch goose, my brother! For those that missed the bundles but still want to cop, you knew it was gonna happen- eBay is calling your name. I may have to bid on that bad boy my damn self.


I do a lot of driving all around Philly, and whenever I come across a fly piece of wall art I pull out my trusty iPhone and get a snapshot. Here are some of my faves, from 5th & Cecil B to the world famous wall at 49th & Westminster (I’m on record that the 5th & Cecil B spot is iller… shame that the “Badlands” joint had to come down). Peace to all the artists who created these hood masterpieces… more to come. And any Philly graf heads out there, put me up on some other spots. I’m hittin’ the whole city hard but I know I’m missin’ out on some dope stuff.


Yo… February was slow, we’ll see how it goes for March. Although not much new content was upped last month, I did re-up a lot of the old schitt that was lost when Z-Share effed up in 2008. So if there was anything from months ago that you couldn’t download recently, try again- it might be available now.
Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of stuff that’s still NOT back up. Some because it’s just gonna be a pain in the azz to find the cds the stuff came from and rip ’em again, some because I no longer have the same edits of the clips that I put up previously but some because I might not have the music at all anymore. In ANY format, mp3 or cd or even cassette. Here are some of the joints in question:

worlds famous supreme team w dr rock the force mcs.mp3
lisa lee rahiem pow wow – lisa lee rahiem pow wow – outdoor jam.mp3
wu-tang clan live – track02-001.mp3
wu tang clan – put your hammer down-001.mp3
worlds famous supreme team – track02-001.mp3
grandmaster flowers – brooklyn park jam 1979.mp3
02 dj danny dan the beat man – danny dan cutting breakbeats – gm caz.mp3
zulu nation – 01.mp3 (spoonie gee, busy bee, debbie d & wanda d)
world famous supreme team WHBI 4-13-83
various – track11 big daddy kane a little half steppin.mp3
various – track16 big daddy kane antoinette raw attitude.mp3
jay z – whats in a name.mp3
001soulman – i dont need no protector excerpt for that real schitt.mp3
surprize – 02. sweet love.mp3
01 audobon ballroom 1981 – fantastic 5 busy bee gm caz-001.mp3
willie evans jr. – do it.mp3
willie evans jr. – vaughn.mp3
02 nas – if i ruled the world remix.mp3
03 beanie state prop – dissin nas jada pt 1.mp3 (and pt. 2 as well)
06 jaz-o – dissin jay-z and the roc.mp3
01 grandmaster caz fantastic 5-part 1.mp3
soulman – 01 de la soul – stakes is high remix.mp3
06 the pharcyde – runnin remix.mp3
Africa Bambatta & The Soulsonic Force w/ Cosmic Force live 1980

If any of y’all good people out there who downloaded these joints from here still have any of them and can send them back to me either here in the comments sections or to my e-mail I would surely appreciate it. I would like to re-up everything that was lost (although it’s probably a waste of time anyway, since the vast majority of people who wanted this schitt already got it), but believe me, once the links die out again I will never re-up them again. So anyway, hook a brother up if you got that. And peep the flick up top- 5th & Cecil B hood schitt, son. Spring’s coming, I’m takin’ MAD flicks when it gets warm, yo! Peace out.

the author and THE ILLUSTRATOR and the musician…

Looks like I’ve got yet another cottage industry going here… custom art on record sleeves. I tell you, I may not be the greatest at this or the greatest at that, but you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a dude who’s done it in MORE games than me. If interested, hit me up at before I’m totally worn out (and before the price goes up… i’m tired).


I think I want to be a photographer. Yep, I definitely want to be a photographer. I don’t know schitt about photography, but whenever I’m out and about I see pictures all around me. You know, like “damn, that schitt right over there would be a ill flick”. Been snapping stuff out in the streets with my little camera phone cameras for a minute now, which is cool but i think it’s time to graduate. Get a real camera with real filters and flashes, start learning about apertures and IS and the rule of thirds. I’m thinking like this: I’ll cop a decent camera that’s on the low end of the pro level joints and start reading up, learn all the basic ins and outs of photography. Then if I’m still into it after a minute then I’ll go ahead and drop the BIG dollars on some top-of-the-line equipment. Sounds like a plan, right? If anybody out there knows a thing or two about photography please feel free to leave me some advice on how to get started in the comments section. In the meantime, here are some of my little iPhone and Motorola Razr flicks. I like taking pictures.


I started messing around with Photoshop to make these little pieces of crude collage artwork back when I did the j-card art for my Soulman World Of Beats Vol. 3 mixtape. From there I took it to advertisements for my Ebay auctions and eventually even made it to Myspace. Haven’t had time or the need to do any of these lately, but here are a few of them for those who may have never seen them before. Click on the pics to see them full blown. I got more, so holla if you want me to post up the rest in the future.

And for those who were interested, the open enrollment period for those drops I said I would record for DJs is officially OVER as of right now. I’m recording them today. My old school azz finally ventured into the present and got myself a Pro Tools set up, so hopefully in the future recording drops will be no biggie… unfortunately, I still got some problems getting my Pro Tools running correctly (you tellin’ me this schitt won’t run on the Leopard OS so now I gotta get the dam outdated Tiger OS to run this schitt??? DAMN I hate technology! Bring back analog). Eventually brother’s gonna work it out. I guess.


Yo… tomorrow (or worse case scenario sometime this weekend) I will be dropping my annual HIP HOP LESSONS on your azzes- mad old school park jam tapes, emcees, disk jockeys, so tell all the fly kids and the young ladees. As a prelude to the THAT REAL SCHITT holiday celebration which is to come, I would like to spread a little bit of Philly love. Here are some of the pics of the great pieces of art (legal and not necessarily legal) that adorn the walls of the city of brotherly luv that I like to take with my camera phone when I’m out there in the skreets. You can also download the theme music below the pics to help you get into that Philladelphia state of mind (and no, the two L’s in “Philladelphia” is not a typo- if you know me you know what time it is).