As you may have read in my last post, I recently decided to join the civilized world and copped a Macbook Pro and an MBox so I can start running a dedicated Pro Tools set up to record my old man raps and whatever else I may feel like messing around with. Shoulda done this a long time ago, but I really thought I’d be wasting my time and money since I couldn’t envision myself still fooling around with this music schitt at this stage in my life. Well, I’m still fooling around with it, so what the hell. Anyway, my analog azz is no expert on any of this computer stuff, so I’m just now finding out that you can’t run Pro Tools on the latest Mac OS.. you know, this Leopard schitt. So right now I’m looking at using the Boot Camp schitt to run Windows XP on my Macbook along with the Mac Leopard OS X… that way I can get the Pro Tools working on the XP operating system. Any 14k gold slum computer wizards out there who have alternate suggestions on what’s the best route to take so that I can get my Pro Tools happenin’? Let me know if ya know.

Also, other news on the computer tip- the data on that damn external hard drive of mine that went bad is officially toast. Well, actually maybe not, but the data recovery joint that just ran a diagnostics on it is saying $900 to possibly recover what was lost. Sheeeeeeeeeeeet… I don’t need that schitt THAT damn bad. I’m gonna miss a lot of that stuff, but it’s just gon’ have to be missed. Once again… I hate technology.
More music later this week if I have a minute…. I’ll do my best.