Man, do I love me some DJ Sarasa. I have never heard her actually deejay (although I’d like to), but I know all that I need to know to understand that she is the greatest of all time. Do you doubt my words? Check the pics below. Many of you may have already seen these amazing photos of her 2010 Halloween costume, but for those who haven’t, get ready to bear witness to the stuff legends are made from. I would tell you all right here and now how much I want to marry this woman and make her the Queen of THAT REAL SCHITT, but I know my wife checks up on my ass this blog from time to time, so I dare not tempt the wrath of the rolling pin (just kidding, honey). Anyway, as I said before, check the pics below and let the awe wash over you. ALL HAIL DJ SARASA.
PS: Her ATCQ costume from I guess a year earlier was bananaramas as well. How on earth will she top these in 2011??? I can’t wait.


I was gonna call this my favorite rap record ever by a female emcee… couldn’t honestly do that once Lyte thee MC’s “10% Dis” popped into my head, but trust me, this joint here by Yo-Yo is right up there with the best of ’em in my book. The Sir Jinx / Del production is crazy. And I don’t know if sister Yolanda was writing her own rhymes or not back then, but she was certainly saying them schitts very impressively. ALWAYS loved this record (I’m east coast fo’ life but real schitt is real schitt, east coast or wessSIDE or where so ever it originates from).
Posting this got me to thinking… hmm, what would my top ten female rapper records of all time be? After some long thought about this (possibly over thirty second’s worth of straining my brain) I came to the conclusion that there might not even be ten records by female emcees that I really love. That’s some shameful schitt! I’m probably just old and can’t remember all those female rap jawns that I’ve rocked to death over the years. Yeah, that’s the ticket. If y’all want to name some of your all time bestest rap jams by women, hit me in the comments. Or just download the free music and say nothing as usual (LOL just kidding… I appreciate all the regular commenters and even y’all nameless freeloaders as well).

YO-YO – Dope Femininity


Mos Def – The Ecstatic – IMO this is the best Mos album since Black On Both Sides, maybe even better. Not perfect, but damn good. I hear a lot of folks saying they ain’t feelin’ Dante’s singing, but I like it a lot when he does it like he does it on this album (as in just to accent the rhyming, not trying to be a real full-time this-is-my-day-job singer). Highlights: “Pistola” (love the nod to the Intruders), “Worker’s Comp”, “Supermagic”, “Roses” (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow), “Casa Bey”, “History” (with Mos’ Blackstar compadre Talib Kweli) and “Auditorium”, which features a GREAT guest appearance by The Patch, better known as Slick Rick – check it out below.

Drew Nice – People Music II Enchanted Soulthis may be one of my all time favorite mixes, and I’ve heard a lot of good ones.
Dr. York – New lp
Laura Izibor – From My Heart To Yours (Primo Remix)
Jay-Z – D.O.A. The Death Of Autotune
Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul lp
The Sequins – various
Little Milton – Driftin’ Drifter I need to get into some more of Little Milton’s catalog, he’s one of those dudes I always knew about but never really checked for.
James Brown – Goodbye My Love / JB’s – King Heroin (instrumental) – gotta love those Godfather slow jams
Pirimas 3 – I Don’t Know
Jimmy Bo Horne – Get Happy
The Bionic Woman – The Return Of Bigfoot Pt. 2 (soundtrack from the tv show)
Jimmy Spicer – This Is It – one of my favorite purple label era Def Jam joints
Snap aka Red Clay – Snappage Vol. 1 mixtape – for anybody who thinks I don’t like any southern rap just because it’s from down south… wrong. Snap is one of the nastiest emcees alive IMO… I don’t know how many people are familiar with him, but if you’re not you need to get familiar. This schitt is extremely dope to me.
A lot of stuff off of my guy Matthew Africa‘s blog – stayed up til the sun came up one morning just listening to and downloading schitt… great music
A lot of 60’s-style soul that I can’t mention yet because they’ll be on my new mix (coming soon!).


Marsha Hunt is dope. She doesn’t get talked about as much as somebody like Betty Davis, but Marsha had her own thing that was pretty fly in it’s own right. You know I’m not the dude who’s gonna type up a complete bio on anybody (well… unless it’s fictional rappers that I created myself 20 years ago… in that case i’ll type and type and type and type and type… ahaha), but y’all should definitely Google and Wikapedia up this beautiful woman and check out her story if you aren’t already familiar. Very interesting schitt. You’ll notice right above is a famous pic of Marsha that was taken by Lord Lichfield back in 1968… down below is a recreation of the pose that was done in 2005 after she’d lost a breast in her battle with cancer. Now, we’re talking 37 years later, after walking through hell and back and she’s still lookin’ that fine? Wow. Superwoman is real.

As I always do, I must drop a gem on you… this joint by Marsha, “(Oh No! Not) The Beast Day”, is a favorite of mine not just because it’s fonkay but also because we used to sing it at the summer camp I went to as a kid in Norwalk, Connecticut (George Washington Carver Community Center stand up). Our lyrics were a little different- i think we used to say “no, no, no not mah feest-ay” instead of “no, no no no not the beast day”- but I don’t think these lyrics make much sense either way. We used to flake out on that schitt though, yo! At any rate, all heads must bow and give it up for a true queen and a survivor.