The good news is that it’s been a productive day today… finished up and mixed this Beautiful 2 joint, did the photoshoot (thanks to Khalil Stroman Photography Inc. for the hook up), put together the cover art and here it is for your listening pleasure today, just as I promised yesterday. The not-as-good news is that it looks like I’m gonna miss the Freeway / Jake One show here in Philly at the Troc tonight (sorry I can’t make it but thanks for putting me on the list anyway, hommie… I know y’all gonna rock it). Well, just as with the last Beautiful joint I did, I’m real happy about this one. Make sure to let me know if you dig this kind of schitt, ‘cuz I’m itchin’ to drop number three very soon if you want more.

BTW (and totally off topic), did anybody see that NBA all star dunk contest the other night? WEAK. Worst of all time. Dudes have no imagination whatsoever. If any of y’all NBA dunk dudes are listening, I’ll give you one for next year (save this for your show stopper)- dribble the ball while you’re standing at half court, about to make your dunk. Then suddenly just put the ball down. The crowd will start gasping like “wtf??? What’s he doing? Is he quitting???” Then just start running towards the hoop without the ball. Everyone will think you’ve gone insane. What they don’t know is that while the last guy was doing his li’l wack ass dunk, you were on the sidelines untying one of your kicks, loosening it up just enough that it won’t fall off while you’re running. As you leap into the air towards the hoop, you reach down and take off the loose sneaker while in midair then bring it up and WINDMILL DUNK THE SNEAKER. Hang from the rim for effect (and also to ease your one-barefooted landing). The fans are happy, the streets are happy, the sneaker companies are happy, and David Stern is doing something prematurely in his dress slacks he’s so happy. You don’t have to pay me for that one, NBA dunk dudes… just do it. Do SOMETHING. Anything. I got a million of ’em, hit me on the e-mail and I’ll do y’all that solid (the sneaker dunk was free but any of my other ideas will be for a small fee, of course… y’all can afford it).


Any NBA hoops fans out there checkin’ in at THAT REAL SCHITT? Probably not many, if any. Well, although NFL football is my number one passion as a sports fan, I follow teh pro basketball pretty tough too. Playoffs start today, and I got Cleveland and Lebron James to win it all this year. Why? Well, because I love the cohesion of this team right now… these dudes are TOGETHER (I actually thought about changing my pick because they’ve been going overboard with the clowning around on the bench- kinda juvenille and not the right look for a champion- but f*** it, they’re having fun and that swagger may actually help them when schitt gets tight). The Lakers will be hard to beat with Bynum back, but I dunno… I just like the Cavs, man. And as great as Kobe is, I like Lebron over him at this point in their careers. It would be a great matchup in the finals anyway you look at it (I don’t think David Stern would have it any other way). Darkhorses- watch out for those Nuggets out west. I’d like to see Atlanta shock somebody in the east… I think it’s possible in the 2nd round. Ultimately, though… Cavs over Lakers in seven (homecourt will make the difference).