I am a big Wu head. Always have been, always will be (unlike a lot of the former zealots who dislocated their kneecaps jumping off the bandwagon once the iron flag of the Wu-Tang Clan started going limp in the late 90’s). Dudes brought a whole new steezo to the rap landscape while still upholding the basic sound of hip hop that was birthed in the BX eons ago. Gritty, grimey, gruff… ooo baby I like it raw. Yeah, some of the Wu-related efforts of later years have been uneven, but to me Wu-Tang ALWAYS had their hits and misses… even in their golden era some of that schitt that the zealots were lovin’ wasn’t 100% dopeness (case in point that first Method Man album… remember it fondly if you wish, but other than a few cuts it was pretty meh IMO). But they had so much CRAZY schitt that it more than made up for some of the less than stellar joints. Right up to this day the core members still living have been putting out some solid azz songs- maybe not whole albums that are dope from start to end, but still a LOT of good schitt. Both Masta Killa albums were surprising in their level of niceness. Of course you know Ghost has been doing his thing almost nonstop ever since the golden era. Even U-God‘s first album had a number of decent tunes. One of these days I’m gonna do a mix featuring nothing but the best of latter-day Wu music. Well… actually I’m too damn lazy to go through the trouble, but it would be cool if somebody else did it. I’d buy that schitt!
Until then, here are a few under-the-radar Wu joints from years ago-

METHOD MAN- Ice Cream Man (unreleased) RE-UPPED– I heard this one time on the radio here in Philly way back when Wu-Tang first came out… DJ Ran played it on Power 99 and I was in my car on my way to go record diggin’ in Jersey. I heard this schitt and was like whoooooaaaa! Why the f**k don’t they make car radios that can record schitt? I didn’t hear the song again until about a decade later when J-Love put it on one of his Best Of Wu-Tang mixtapes. If you’re not already up on this jam, RZA sampled Meth yelling “Ice Cream!!!!” and used it on Raekwon’s song of the same name from his “Only Built For Cuban Links” lp.

WU-TANG CLAN live RE-UPPED– I guess this is from around 1993 or 94… still early in the Wu era. At first I thought they were performing an unreleased song but I later surmised that they were just freestyling to an unreleased RZA beat. I GUESS that’s the deal, but I don’t really know. I just know that this schitt was always real hot to me.

WU-TANG CLAN- Put Your Hammer Down RE-UPPED– One of my all-time favorite Wu joints, taken straight off of one of those Funkmaster Flex albums. I rarely ever heard anybody play this back when it first came out, but IMO this is classic Wu schitt here. Everybody shines on this. And that BEAT…. ohhhh man. If anybody can place the sample, let me know what it is.



Well, we’ve reached another Thankstaking Day… the holiday on which people (well, the people here in the US anyway) eat lots of food, gain lots of weight, watch lots of football and celebrate the genocide of the indigenous peoples who once populated this United States Of America. Oops, did I just lose a segment of my readership with that remark? Well, I guess at least the indigenous peoples who are left (i.e. the ones who weren’t all that cold and said “no thanks” to the small pox blankets) have their casinos, so they must not be doing all that bad. Is that turkey ready yet, hon?
ANYHOW, my way of celebrating the holiday season is to bust out the old school tapes and get the internet goin’ nuts by teaching the kids my HIP HOP LESSONS. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now on my favorite websites and also – just blessin’ the real heads and the old heads with a small deluge of not just THAT REAL SCHITT but that real old schitt. Your typical young fool will not be able to relate- that’s perfectly understandable and it’s all right. But for those of us who appreciate the history and actually dig the original sound (in my mind the TRUE sound) of Hip Hop music, this is what it be about. So please feel free to share these moments in time with your friends, family members and all the nice folk on your soulseek user list. This is HISTORY, people.

GRANDMASTER FLASH, MELE MEL AND E-MAN – Live Convention ’80 RE-UPPEDthis clip is from the same party that was used on the infamous “Live Convention ’81” record. BTW I need to know the beat that Flash is cutting right after “Superrappin'”- anybody?

FUNKY 4 + 1 – T-Connection 10-25-80 RE-UPPEDjust dope… nothing else to say.

GRANDMASTER FLOWERS – Brooklyn park jam, 1979 RE-UPPEDone of the legends playing a lot of disco joints, aided by his man Aaron The Baron. Very different from what was going on in the Bronx but still an important part of Hip Hop’s early development.

MR. HYDE, MR. BOND, STARCHILD & RONNIE GREEN – Foster Center, 1979 RE-UPPEDJeckyl & Hyde and their crew did some of my favorite old school tapes- Jeckyl (aka Andre Harrell) is M.I.A. on this one but it’s still the death, no question. Ronnie Green plays some different beats that you don’t hear on a lot of other tapes.

TREACHEROUS THREE – short but reeeeeal fresh clip RE-UPPEDI hope to one day find the whole tape that this performance came from, because this is some great schitt.Kool Moe Dee and Sunshine go back and forth with the fast rap then Moe gets down for a minute. Just a quick glimpse of how nice these brothers were in their heyday.

DJ DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN cutting up breakbeats w/ GRANDMASTER CAZ – house tape, 1988 RE-UPPED My dude Danny Dan gave this to me a while ago, a tape with him cutting up beats in his crib with GM Caz making a cameo appearance. The flip side of the tape featured Caz, Dot-A-Rock and Biz Markie on the mic, rockin’ it up in Dan’s house! Maybe I’ll release that side of the tape one day, too.

SPOONIE GEE, BUSY BEE, DEBBIE DEE & WANDA DEE RE-UPPEDReally nice to hear the female mc-dj combo of Debbie Deb and Wanda D.

WORLD FAMOUS SUPREME SHOW – WHBI, 4-13-83 RE-UPPEDI collect any hip hop shows on HBI from 1979-1983 or so. Especially looking for Mr. Magic shows. Anybody got ’em let me know… I got $$$. (note: the audio has been FIXED, all should be well now)

And to any and all who download- this is a THANKS taking celebration, so please say thanks when you take. I’m looking for 30, count ’em, 30 comments on this post before I make any new posts. Well, I may settle for 20 but just step up and show some love. I need a hug every now and then. Either that or I’m gonna sign up for some of that AdSense gwop.

BTW, I also want to give a shout to that man Troy L. from the Grant Houses in Harlem U.S.A. who is the KING of the old school tapes and hooked me up with a large portion of the joints now in my collection. If you are lookin’ to cop cassettes let me know and I’ll let him know.


What we have here today, homeboys and homegirls, is a clip from one of my favorite old school tapes, courtesy of the Fearless Four (Microphone Wizard DLB, Devastating Tito, Mighty Mike C and Great Peso, along with dj’s Master O.C. and Crazy Eddie). Now, back in the days I liked a lot of the Fearless’ records (“It’s Magic”, “Rockin’ It” and “Fearless Freestyle” were the joints) but I wasn’t feelin’ their live tapes as much as the ones with the Cold Crush, Fantastic Five, Force MCs, etc. Not until I peeped this one from 1985, which was a few years after the apex of their popularity but probably their peak as far as skills go. DLB was M.I.A. at this performance, but the rest of the crew, particularly Tito, more than made up for their leader’s absence. VERY next level for 1985- the rhyming is sharp and the turntable work is real innovative. And for those who thought that heavy duty cussin’ was invented by NWA or somebody- WRONG. A whole lot of stuff that you may have thought was first done by this or that rapper on this or that record was actually already being done on the street level years before the world at large knew anything about it. Of course, what else could it be?


I just heard about the Big Daddy Kane’s recent performance in Philly… they say the brother tore it down so completely that when it was over the crowd kept chanting “we’re not worthy”… actually had Kane getting a little misty eyed over the fact that all these years later he can still get so much love from the people. Well, Big Daddy, you most definitely deserve it, son. Folks will always debate who’s the greatest rapper to ever touch a mic, but for me it’s got to be BDK. In his prime the man had NO weaknesses as far as I’m concerned. For right now I’ll leave the GOAT arguments alone, but instead will just hit you with a few Kane rarities that you may or may not already have- this stuff has probably already been circulating on the net, but if you DON’T already own this you most certainly can use it. It’s Big Daddy Kane…. of course you can use it.

BIG DADDY KANE – A Little Half Steppin’ RE-UPPED



BTW, I have some other BDK live stuff from back when he was Biz’s hype man, I just gotta dig that stuff out. If anybody out there has the OTHER Big Daddy Kane-Jazz Fresh battle tape, the one where they go at it in Philly, please hit me up and let me know what’s good. Trades or $$$, whatever’s clever.


I’ve seen LL Cool J in the skreets twice that I can recall- once in Philly back when he was first blowin’ up, I guess sometime in 1985. Just bouncin’ down Market Street with his boy Earl or somebody… I remember just thinking that he was bigger than I thought he’d be, seemingly slightly taller than the 6 foot height he used to claim on his records (I was about 6 feet my damn self and I know I was lookin’ up at the boy). The second time was years later in New York, strolling down Broadway not far from the Def Jam offices with a female acquaintance of mine. Who rolls by in his whip but the world famous James Todd himself. Now, homeboy sees the young lady walking with a dude (me) who could very well be her boyfriend, husband, whatever (I was neither)… no matter, he smiles at her and fixes his lips in a kissyface position. Well, at least he fought back his natural urge to start lickin’ em- thanks for having that much restraint, Uncle L. The young lady obviously blushed and probably secretly wished she could’ve given dude her phone number or even just hopped in the car with him for some groupie activities- hey I don’t blame her for that- but she played it cool as to not dis me so blatantly.
Naturally, being the man that I am, I didn’t appreciate Cool James’ act of disrespect. But do I hold grudges? No, I d… uh, well actually yes I do hold grudges. In this case, though, I won’t let this axe I been grindin’ for well over a decade stop me from tellin’ the truth, be it convenient or not. LL Cool J may be the GOAT in his own mind, but no matter if you do or don’t agree with that ranking, anybody with even the slightest knowledge of real schitt history has to admit that the boy was B-A-D in his day. If you check my Soulman World Of Beats website (I’m feelin’ too lazy at the moment to provide the link… just google that schitt if you must) you’ll find my little ancedote about seeing L perform “Rock The Bells” for the first time and how blown away I was to hear his infamous “After Midnite” freestyle over the T-La Rock “It’s Yours” instrumental on Lady B’s radio show. My man seriously dropped on the mid 80’s rap scene like a weapon of mass destruction, changing the game and leaving a lot of mc’s careers totally obliterated (and also inspiring a LOT of hate… one of my big name rap buddies recently told me some funny stories about LL in his early days that unfortunately I can’t repeat here, but trust me- they were funny).
What I have for you in this THAT REAL SCHITT entry is what I thought was one of L’s dopest cuts from the late 80’s / early 90’s phase of his career, but one that got very little play when it first came out. Imagine- LL spittin’ straight FIRE over a raw, fast Marley Marl beat and the schitt went overlooked? Crazy. I guess it got igged because it was stuck on the Marley Marl “In Control Vol. II” lp and I think it might’ve initially been available on cassette only (that’s all I could find it on when I copped it)… I dunno, but the schitt was dumb hot to me. Truly the definition of THAT REAL SCHITT.
Also as a bonus I need to smack y’all with some live stuff too, so you also get a clip of L going all out over the Davy DMX beat at The Roxy back in the days… going at it with crazy vigor even after the beat stops. HIP HOP. Suckers get mad while the girlies scream….


LL COOL J Freestylin’ Live At The Roxy RE-UPPED


Yo, what up folk. Back from vacation but still not totally back (DisneyWorld damn near KILLED a brother, fo sho… i’ll tell y’all about it soon, after i’ve fully recovered from the great time I had down in the sunshine state). Here’s a little something to hold you ’til I get back into the swing of things- an excerpt from one of my favorite old school tapes of all time featuring the Cold Crush Bros. and the Treacherous Three (minus Kool Moe Dee and with DLB from the Fearless Four in his place). This clip showcases the rhyme skills of the one and only Grandmaster Caz, captain of the Cold Crush 4 emcees. As I always say when hittin’ y’all with these tapes from 25 or more years ago, it may be difficult to understand just how dope some of this stuff is if you weren’t around to witness it when it went down. But TRUST ME… Caz was sooooo next level with the lyricism back then. For that era you had the three headed mc monster of Mele Mel, Moe Dee and Caz. But as great as they all were, IMO Caz was really the dude that had no discernable weakness. Story raps, funny schitt, serious topics (see the “Wildstyle Subway Rap”), stuff for the ladies, battle raps, a variety of styles and flows, singing routines, you name it. And he would absolutely kill it with his onstage banter between routines- if you peeped that Soulman Radio Mix in my last post, Caz is the dude near the end of the mix who made a dedication to his boy Roy Thomas who was “in the hospital with herpes” (“when the boy get out he gonna be walkin’ like he got a potato chip up his ass and don’t want to break it!”). Anyway, this little less-than-3 minute clip gives a nice example of the Cap rippin’ a few rhymes live. Enjoy… i’ll be back in full effect with a lot more fresh schitt soon! Peace out.



Back to the old school, y’all. While going through some of my old school tapes last week to find some ill schitt to bless y’all with, I came across one I didn’t even know I had. Audubon Ballroom, 1981 (probably not the same show as the one advertised in the flyer shown here, though). Members of the Fantastic Five, Busy Bee and Grandmaster Caz all get loose on this one over beats like Say It Loud I’m Black And I’m Proud, Heartbeat, Catch A Groove, Bounce Rock Skate Roll, etc. Plus we hear some stuff getting played that some cats who weren’t around back then might not expect to hear at an old school hip hop jam, like the Whispers‘ “It’s A Love Thing” and even the sugar-sweet bubblegum of Chee Chee and Peppy‘s “I Know I’m In Love”.
But the part I REALLY dig on this tape is where the Original Kev (aka Kevie Kev aka Waterbed Kev of the L Brothers, Fantastic Romantic Five, Fantastic Freaks, Furious Five and Furious Lovers– you did know he was down with those last two as well, right?) rhymes right over top of the Sugarhill Gang‘s “8th Wonder” and flips the words, turning into a Weird Al Yankovic-style parody. For instance, the Gang’s line “and baby dolls and all you daddy-o’s / you better get ready to move your toes” is transformed into “and baby dolls and all you pregnant hoes / you better get ready for maternity clothes“! Now, I used to hear brothers in the streets sayin’ some of these rhymes back in the days, but I never heard any of this on an actual live jam tape. And come to find I’ve had this schitt for yeeeeeeears. Whoa.
BTW, interesting ancedote about Kev in the recently released Wildstyle The Sampler book by Charlie Ahearn (required real schitt reading, of course) where Charlie tells how he was with the Fantastic right before they headed out for the big Sugarhill Convention at the Armory back in 1981, and Kev sticks his pistol in his pants on some “i wish somebody would try to test me tonight” schitt. Funny how it was just as real in the field way back then- maybe even more so- yet the emcees of that era didn’t feel the need to glorify their harsh realities anywhere near as much as they do today. And they say, children… what does it all mean?

1981 AUDUBON BALLROOM The Original Kevie Kev, Dota Rock & Busy Bee RE-UPPED

BTW, a big middle finger salute to Blogger for illin’ out and making me have to rewrite the 2nd half of this post all over again. Luckily I’m a professional and remembered everything almost word for word after losing the schitt. BOO.


The TREACHEROUS THREE, in particular KOOL MOE DEE, inspired a lot of your all-time greatest rappers. This is a fact… unfortunately I don’t know how many people who weren’t around during their era of dominance even realize how influential they were. The bridge between the original pioneers and the “next school” (Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS, etc.), Moe Dee, Special K and LA Sunshine elevated rap from simple simon-type stuff to a higher level of art. Rap with real INTELLIGENT content, structure, etc. etc. Headz were blown away with the innovative speed raps of the early 80s, but it was the stuff they did in the mid 80s that lit the spark for Ra, Kane, etc. Unfortunately, most of what they were doing at that time was only heard at live shows and on records that really weren’t hitting as big as their earlier efforts. The public at large was not impressed by The Treacherous’ “Gotta Rock” 12″, their last on Sugarhill. But believe me, other rappers took notice to what was going on lyrically. Can you say NEXT LEVEL?

So, I give you a couple of live freestyle joints to give you an idea of what the T3 were doing back in 1985-1986- the first is a clip from a show down in Bermuda and the second is one that may be familiar to some, with Moe Dee and Special K’s big brother T-La Rock (who was an innovator and a big inspiration to the next era as well) goin’ off over the “Check Out My Melody” beat.
BTW, the clip with Moe and T La Rock is great to me because IMO it really illustrates how dope Moe Dee was and that most of his studio recorded solo output really doesn’t do him justice. The rhymes he says on this freestyle are the same ones he says on a song, “Bad Mutha”, from his 1st lp. To me, that song is just plain wack. But do it over with Moe on stage, hyped up and full of energy, bustin’ those same rhymes over a classic Marley Marl beat? SO DOPE.
Now, of course, hearing this over 20 years after the fact may make it difficult for the uninitiated to see how groundbreaking this stuff was. Just take my word for it… I wouldn’t lie to y’all. (And by the way, the Treacherous Three weren’t the only guys who pushed the rap envelope along… I’ll be posting more ahead-of-it’s-time rap by other pioneers in the days to come.)


4th of July tomorrow… everybody will be chillin’ and grillin’ (if it don’t rain anyway… that’s what they’re talking out here in Philly). Me, you know what I’ll be doin’… f**kin’ up some ribs and annoying the kids with my old school rap tapes! Here’s a little taste of how I’m rockin’ it tomorrow: Cold Crush Brothers and Fantastic 5 gettin’ down together at the Ecstacy Garage, 1980. Grandmaster Caz on the mix and Jerry Dee Lewis (JDL), Almighty KG, Prince Whipper Whip, Rubie Dee and Kid Supreme (of the Nice & Nasty 4) on the m-i-c emceein’ to the Funky Penguin, Blackbyrds, Detroit Emeralds and the Yes We Can Can breaks. Yeah, yeah, we’ll put on some Ne-Yo and Fabolous and all that other stuff too… LATER. When all the ribs are gone. Until then, it’s an old school party cotdamn. FRESSSSSSSHHHH.




Yep, I’m trying my hand at this blog schitt once again… my first attempt, some of you may remember, was the ill-fated WORLD OF BEATS V.2 back in 2005. Well recieved, but, as is usually the case with me, once the newness was gone from my adventures into blogland I got bored and bailed, never to return. 3 weeks, seven posts- and that was it.

I got back into the blogging slightly once i discovered my next internet fixation- you guessed it, MYSPACE. My thinking was that Myspace had it over just a regular ol’ blog that few people would probably ever see: a built-in network of massive proportions, the ability to put music up on the site, plus more BFF’s than you could ever imagine. One thing about Myspace (well, there’s more than one thing about Myspace, but right now we’ll just deal with one major one that covers most of the little ones)- Myspace is annoying. In so many ways. I’ll go into detail perhaps in a future bloggy blog, but to make a long story short, it didn’t take long for me to get sick of Myspace. Oh, I still mess with it- the ability to reach out and touch people (especially meeting up with some of my old school rap heroes such as Charlie Chase and Prince Whipper Whip, among others) is a great thing. But I recently have found myself staying away from Myspace for extended periods… I just can’t take it, man.

So I’ve been getting a number of e-mails and messages telling me to revive the old World Of Beats V.2 blog… okay, i’m gonna try. BUT… we’re gonna change the game this time around. WOBV2 was all about my stuff, stuff I did, stuff I tried to do, stuff I kinda did, etc. etc. This time it’s gonna be a whole new blog, and although I’m glad there are a nice amount of folks out there who care about my own creative output, I’m not gonna limit what I post just to my own creations. THIS time I’m gonna do this like a real blog and will drop ANYTHING by ANYBODY that I deem to be… say it along with me, all together now… THAT. REAL. SCHITT.

What is THAT REAL SCHITT? Put it like this- if it’s featured in this blog, that’s what it is.

How often I’m gonna be able to do this I dunno, but I’m gonna try to be diligent about updating no less than once a week, hopefully more. Lots of old school MP3’s, lots of old beats, breaks and just dope music, art, flicks (photos), WHATEVER. Plus of course I’ll drop my views on anything and everything… that’s what a blog is for, after all.

I’ll set it off with a live old school goody, courtesy of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force / Cosmic Force. Those of y’all who only know Bam and the crew from records like Planet Rock and Looking For The Perfect Beat need to know the deal- Soulsonic Force was a straight up hip hop crew back in the days before making those electro-hop hits and donning the spaced out P-funkesque stage outfits. I really love this clip where they’re emceeing over the Freedom break- my man MC Globe, who to me is one of the best and most underrated rappers of all time, sounds crazy sharp and on point, as usual. Pow Wow, Chubby Chubb, Little Ikey C all rock the mic as well… “So don’t you dare hollar with that ring around ya collar / ya better get set for the man Bambaataa”… FRESH.

bamcard.gif (48327 bytes) soul anim.gif (28573 bytes)
images courtesy of THE FOUNDATION… best old school hip hop source in existence, bar none

download Africa Bam & The Soulsonic Force w/ Cosmic Force live 1980 RIGHT HERE: