Just when you thought I was retired from the break mix game (I thought I was retired too, who knew)… I started working on this mix almost exactly one year ago and finally finished it today while the wife was at the movies with the kids watching Up (they said it was good). The original idea was to do a joint with all kinds of weird records from a bunch of different genres and countries. Somehow, it ended up being all rock records. Or at least records that would probably be filed in the rock section at your friendly neighborhood record shoppe. That’s all I’ll say about it, other than this is probably one of my weirder mixes- definitely maintaining the basic Soulman style but with some strange deviations from my traditional format as well. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites- I’m rarely pleased with the finished product of anything I do, but I must say that I was very happy with the results this time.
Peep it for yourself down below, and if you like it please feel free to share it with others, post it up on your blog or bootleg that schitt and sell it behind the counter at the corner bodega along with the apple blunts and loosies. It’s free, do what you will with it.
P.S. – sorry but I didn’t do a tracklist for this and I honestly don’t even remember what more than half of these songs are… I just grabbed whatever rock records were laying around at the time and played whatever sounded half decent. Dollar bin to ultra rare psych… it’s all over the place.

SOULMAN – The Truth Is Forever



You ever have one of those songs that you really love but it seems like nobody else is hearing it like you’re hearing it? I actually get that a lot (I’m probably just a weird dude, though). One of those joints for me was the B-1 / Large Professor “Put Yourself In My Place” schitt from back in 2000 (my God, has it been almost a decade already??? No wonder me and Large Pro got so much gray in our beards these days). This was one of those kinda slow tempo almost plodding joints that still would get me real amped up just because it was so raw and gritty- that classic NYC grimy street sound. The ill part is that it’s not even a Large Pro beat- the soundscape was handled by the producer formerly known as Kool G (later changed his moniker to Ayatollah), who has done a lot of crazy beats over the years like Mos Def‘s “Ms. Fat Booty”, Styles P & Pharoah Monch‘s “The Life”, etc. Anyway, as much as I loved this schitt, I never really heard anybody else get as hyped up about it as I did. So here’s a chance to check it if you didn’t get it the first time around (or more recently on somebody’s mixtape or blog).
Also, one of the beautiful things about THAT REAL SCHITT style of rap music is that through sampling old records the listeners get exposed to so much lost music that they probably would never know about otherwise. This B-1 / Large Pro song features the great Big Maybelle, a legendary soul singer who’s career goes all the way back to the 1930’s (look up more info on her if you can), and her “Put Yourself In My Place” from 1964 not only makes for a nice sample but is also a pretty incredible song all by itself IMO. So check out both songs below and also enjoy the pic of Extra P concrete surfing in Paris above.

B-1 LARGE PROFESSOR – Put Yourself In My Place
BIG MAYBELLE – Put Yourself In My Place


I have been sent a lot of mix cds over the years, many of them really good. One of the cds I liked a lot- well, actually there were three of them- were the Joe’s Record Paradise jawns. JRP is a record spot located down in Baltimore, MD and I think some other locations as well. Not sure if these cds were promos or if they were slingin’ ’em in the store. The homie t.E.C.K! (who has some incredible mix joints of his own, the “Mystery Of Ages” series- we’ll cover those here too sometime in the future) sent ’em to me back I guess in the early 2000’s or maybe even the late 1990’s. I can’t remember if I took my blood pressure medicine this morning, so you know you can’t expect me to remember details about mix cds people sent me damn near a decade ago.
Anyway, as I said, I really dug the Joe’s Paradise music selection- kinda like how my dude L-Dula puts it down, these cds didn’t necessarily rock a plethora of ultra rare records (something about mixes that are all about the rarity of the selections just kinda irks me even if it’s good schitt, I dunno why). Just a lot of different stuff that you don’t hear other people playing along with classics that a guy like me just never gets tired of. Matter of fact, t.E.C.K! may have been the dude who put these cds together, I don’t remember (if you’re out there, t.E.C.K!, illuminate me). Well, whoever’s responsible did a very cool, very Soulman-approved job. Two thumbs up.
Only problem is that two of my three copies, volumes 1 & 2, are f**ked. Those CD-Rs from the early 2000’s just seem to not hold up very good- just ask anybody that bought one of my homemade joints from that era. And vols. 1 & 2 are the best ones IMO! I’m gonna lace y’all with volume 3 (the jazzy volume), which is damn nice in it’s own right. But if anybody, ANYBODY out there has vols 1 or 2 or any other volumes that I have never even heard from this series, please hook a Soulman up.



Yeah, I know… I’m slackin’ with the content. Sheeeeiit… like y’all payin’ for this real schitt. Until I find the time to post something else of interest, here’s what I’ve been listening to

Oh No – Heavy / Bouncers
The Juice Crew EP (DWG)UNBELIEVABLY great stuff here. The Kool G Rap cuts are better than a lot of the stuff that he actually released back when these were recorded.
Soma Candelaria – I Lost My Way (produced by Willie Evans)SONG OF THE YEAR. That’s how I feel about it, and not just because these are my dudes. For all the people who are waiting for Nas to drop another “Illmatic”, it’s never gonna happen so stop waiting and get with that new SOMA CANDELARIA album when it comes out later this year, in whatever format(s) it comes out in.
Sixto Rodriguez – Sugar Man / Crucify Your Mind It’s killin’ me that I can’t think of who sampled that “Crucify…” schitt… I know somebody did.
Steve Howe – Will O The Wisp
Starsky & Hutch OST
Taana Gardner – When You Touch Me
Gwen McCrae – All This Love That I’m Givin’
Stairsteps – Throwin’ Stones Atcha / Pasado / In The Beginningbeen diggin’ this “2nd Resurrection” album for a minute now.
Edwin Starr & Blinky – We’ll Find a Way
The Valentinos – The Death Of Love
Bessie Banks – Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can’t Do It)
First Love – The Love I Had
Greyboy – Love (featuring Nino Moschella)
Pauline Croze – self titled lp & Un Bruit Qui Court lp
This was a nice “Shazam” moment for me… heard some music playing as I passed an outdoor bistro on South Street, whipped out my iPhone, utilized the Shazam app and just like that I discovered French chanteuse Pauline Croze. Real nice stuff for me, although I’m sure a lot of y’all rugged azz internetters would consider this “Starbucks music”… well, if that’s so then I guess I like Starbucks music as well as THAT REAL SCHITT.
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No / The New Holidays – Maybe So, Maybe No – I like BOTH versions, original and Haircut’s remake. I am still a real Soulman, though… y’all can’t fade me.
Blowfly – his first 5 or 6 albums
All the old ones, like “On Tour” and “Butterfly” and “On TV”, all that schitt… rocked those on the iPod while prepping and painting one of the bathrooms in my house last weekend. I hate engaging in menial labor, but Blowfly helped.


Tomorrow my beloved Philadelphia Eagles will invade University Of Phoenix Stadium to lay a colossal whuppin’ on the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game and propel themselves into the Super Bowl (where they will then proceed to pop open another huge motor oil-sized can of azz whup on whoever represents the AFC, probably the Pittsburgh Steelers but it could be the B-More Ravens instead… who cares? They’re all just cannon fodder). In honor of this inevitable happening, I am dropping a couple of different mixes of Public Enemy‘s “By The Time I Get To Arizona” and also some of my favorite versions of the classic “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”. You’ve had a nice run, Redbirds, but it’s time to return to the reality that you and your miserable fans have been living like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” for the last 70 years or so. The reality of FAIL. Enjoy the music, and I’ll enjoy the victory cigar tomorrow night.
BTW, the PE song is so appropriate seeing that the day after the Eagles’ victory will be the King Holiday AND the day after that will be the inauguration of my president, Barack Obama. Two things I must add- one, on Monday, to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King (and to just be a good person) I advise everyone out there who can do it to participate in a Day Of Service and volunteer your time somewhere in your community for a few hours. And two, to all the folks going to D.C. on Tuesday to get your revelry on, please keep it civil and wonderful and all that schitt. No drunken line dancing in the streets, please. This is gonna be a cool next few days.

Dorothy Ashby

Willie Tee

Mighty Doug Haynes

Moses Dillard


The Gaylads (pause)

(special thanks to Willie Fugal, Reynaldo and my pals at Soulstrut for song suggestions)

DAWN OF A NEW DAY – 11-04-08

It’s a little after 10 pm eastern time here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and it looks to be a wrap…. wow. Dan Rather said last night on CNN that a McCain win would be an upset of “biblical proportions”. Well, the seas have not parted as of yet and doesn’t seem that they’re going to anytime soon. Again I say… wow.

O’Donel Levy – Dawn Of A New Day


This is another segment of the Soulman “Philladelphia Beat Mission” cd for you if you don’t already have it (I dropped the “Play The Breaks” portion of the mix awhile ago). This one, titled “Lasalle Funk Session”, was a little 25 minute set I put together for live DJ gigs back when I thought I might get into playing out (I decided not long after that playing out was not for me). I also wanted to show people that although I prefer to be all over the place with my musical selection, I definitely am able to concentrate on one style and keep a party moving with actual mixing, blends, etc if need be. Honestly, though… I hate that schitt. Well, “hate” may be too strong, but it’s hard for me to stay interested if all I’m playing or hearing is the same type of schitt over and over. I want all genres, all tempos, a plethora of musical flavors. And I like rockin’ them old school Hip Hop style, just ziggazigga-ing schitt into the mix. Regardless, I was cool with how this one came out (although I never got a chance to add some of the finishing touches on it that I had planned). I guess for the hardcore funk 45 dudes most of this stuff will not be obscure enough- nope, I didn’t go to some remote island in the Pacific ocean to find any of these records, unfortunately. As usual, I mixed in some fairly rare joints with some classic material. Long as it’s funky it’s all good IMHO. The tracklisting-

Syl Johnson – Ode To Soulman
Billy Baron & His Smoking Challengers – Communication Is Where It’s At
Brothers Of The Ghetto – Rockin’ Chair
Honeydrippers – Streakin’
Howard Wales – Huxley’s Howl
Marvin Holmes – Find Yourself
Patricia & Jimmy – Trust Your Child
Mighty Flea – Ode To Billy Joe
Explosions – Hip Drop
Masai – Across The Tracks
Kenny and the Beach Boys – Big Payback
Oscar Harris – Relax Before Doing Sex

SOULMAN – Lasalle Funk Session


When the whole break mix thing started blowing up there were a number of joints I liked a lot (i’m not even gonna try throwing names out, too damn many). But my favorites were the joints by Seattle’s beat lords The Conmen, aka Mr. Supreme (world reknowned crate king, dj and pornchick magnet) and Jake One (world reknowned producer, G-Unit affiliate and #1 Seahawks fan). All five of those Conmen mixes have made the internet blog rounds already, but if you weren’t already up on ’em here’s the third in the series, “Jealous Toys Die” (gotta love the usage of that Willie Colon “Cosa Nuestra” lp imagery… hard as f**k). And yo, BTW Jake… I might have to fly out to Qwest Field on Nov. 2 with some cheesesteaks to watch the Eagles slap fire out them Seagulls (that’s if the Eagles are even any good this year… I’m hopeful but I’m far from convinced at this point).

CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 1 RE-UPPED
CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 2 RE-UPPED

BONUS COVERAGE: Let’s do a little video too while we’re at it-


Here’s another of the many things I’ve done over the years that never got released like it was supposed to (it was just in the cards for me to be an under-underground legend, alas… roffles). Back in… uh, was it 2002? 2003 maybe? DJ Sheep, help me out here, my brother! Anyway, one of those years in the early 2000’s Sanctuary Music hired me to do a short little megamix type joint using stuff from the Hot Wax / Invictus 70’s soul catalog since they owned the rights to all that stuff. So I take to it like a kid in a candy store- that Hot Wax / Invictus catalog is full of some of the best soul music of it’s era, believe me. I did my thing, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion (except y’all hatin’ azz n**gaz), but my opinion is I dropped like it was hot, son! Unfortunately, this, like many of my club bangers, never saw the light of commercial day- probbly didn’t put enough disco blends into the mix for the people at Sanctuary to be able to understand it, who knows. Well, Sanctuary, it’s all right because I got your money anyway. And now the public can have it for free, just the way that it was intended to be. So here you go, a nice 320 kbps rip for you to put into the mix right between “Lollipop” and “In The Ayer”. I don’t think this is even the final mixdown, but it’s close enough. Share it, play it, make me famous.
P.S. – before anybody asks, no, every single thing on this mix is not Hot Wax or Invictus but almost everything is. Once again, close enough.

SOULMAN Whatever Happened To Yesterday (Hot Wax / Invictus Megamix) RE-UPPED