…but maybe it actually is! Who knows? I sure as hell don’t. I can’t even believe it’s been over a year since my last post here on THAT REAL SCHITT (and I haven’t been posting regular updates for even longer than that). I know all of the faithful followers to this blog have gone on to greener (and more frequently updated) pastures… my apologies to any who may have been disappointed by my disappearance from these parts.
But I would like to get back into the swing of things over here- partly because yeah, I have a bunch of stuff coming up that I want to promote (gotta go for dolo when you don’t have a big PR firm handling things, what can I say), but also because I just miss dropping my little tidbits pertaining to true school Hip Hop, random raps, diggin’ in crates, etc… you know, THAT REAL SCHITT. So I’m gonna give it a try and see how it goes. If I can figure out how to do this properly on my iPad while I’m out in the streets I know I can make it happen. Cross your fingers. Thanks to everybody who’s checked for this site over the years and hopefully we can crank it up once again. MORE TO COME.



Me and the homie Paul Nice are hard at work on that Fabreeze Brothers album (we got some joints for y’all, trust me on this!)… it’ll still be a little while before we finish it up and perfect it, but until then here’s one to hold you for a minute. I recorded some rhymes over a sped up JB’s “Blow Your Head” loop and Paul ditched the JB’s sample, took the acapella, flipped the Lorenz Alexandria “Baltimore Oriole” break, smashed them together and viola- “The Packup (Part 1). Check the snippet below (and if you like it please feel free to share it with, like, everybody on earth)-

More info on when the vinyl will be available soon. PEACE.


My sometimes ridiculously busy schedule makes it hard for me to stay up to date on a lot of things, especially this blog. So I’m a little late with posting this, but the Fabreeze Brothers‘ (a.k.a Paul Nice and yours truly Phill Most Chill) debut 12″ on the Sure Shot! label, “Power Man & Iron Fist” b/w “Phyllis Diller” is now available for pre-orders, so act fast. The test pressings are already sold out but as of this writing there are still some of the limited edition gold vinyl pressings available (did I say act fast? Yes I did) and you should be cool with the regular black vinyl pressings, but still- need I say it again?- act fast just in case. Ill cover art provided by the uber talented Lance Pilgrim (known for his fantastic work for my man Skeme RichardsHot Peas & Butter among other things), along with incredible beats by Paul Neezy and emceeing by ya boy PMC makes the cypher complete. I’m sooooo amped up about this project… if we can pull off some of the things we are planning for the upcoming Fabreeze Brothers album it’s gonna be insane. But I’m getting ahead of myself… for now please feel free to peep the sound clips and pre-order the debut single right chere if you haven’t already. Again, my apologies for being a little slow bringing this info to THAT REAL SCHITT but you can always check me on facebook or swing by the Diggers With Gratitude forums to get the latest breaking Phill Most Chill news (and it looks like there may be a lot of it in 2012). Thanks and PEACE.


My guys the Bankrupt Europeans have finally dropped Vol. 1 of their “The Platinum Era Series” 12 inches, the first of which features Phill Most Chill (that would be me) rockin’ the mic in the lead role of this “The Fast Rap” extended play joint. We did this stuff about five or six years ago and had a ball going back and forth, with my man D.J. Snafu sending me beats and me sending back acapellas over and over ’til we had something. I really liked the B.E.’s sound from the very first listen- had that retro soul feel yet still with a more modern crispness / cleanness. Nod your head music as well as sweat off a few pounds doing the running man on the dance floor music… good stuff in my opinion. Please check out the fruits of our mid-2000’s real schitt labor on the Bankrupt Euros’ Soundcloud page, and if you’re feelin’ it (or even if you just want to make a future investment for a record that may be worth millions one day in the random rap future- that’s cool too) I’ve been told that you can find out how to buy yourself a copy or five from the Bankrupt Europeans’ Facebook page (or if you don’t do Facebook you can email them directly right here). More stuff is coming from the B.E.’s with iconic real rap legends such as Chill Rob G and A.G. among others, so keep an eye out for these cats.


I still get a lot of emails asking me about how to buy my many Soulman and Archaeologists Classics CDs… the only one I still have original copies of is Neva Stop Diggin’ (and I don’t have many of those). Everything else is out of print, but you can still get ’em if you don’t mind CD-Rs and no cover art (I do still print out the song lists for the Best Of Archaeologists CDs). Here is the info, read carefully because there are some titles listed below that are available but are not listed in the picture above:

OUT OF PRINT CD-R’S (available without cover or label art- $10)
Soulman Philladelphia Beat Mission
Soulman Plays The Hits (a.k.a. “Soulman 6”)
Soulman Drugs
Soulman A Whole New Way Of Walking (modern soul, disco & r&b)
Soulman The Truth Is Forever
Soulman – Beautiful (soft psych rock)
Soulman – Beautiful 2 (more soft psych rock)
Soulman – Come To Me Softly
Soulman – Lovers And Friends (sweet soul)
Soulman – Santa Claus Is A Soulman (funky xmas music and breaks)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Soulman’s Crate Classics (More Choice Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Higher Heights (More Jazz Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Soulful (Soul Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Instrumentality
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- From The Rock Section
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Soulman’s Choice Joints
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Funk 45 Joints
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Highest Pleasure (Jazz Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Coolin’ (Laid Back Rock, Soul & EZ Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- Do What You Gotta Do (Soul And Dance Joints)
Best Of Archaeologists Classics- More Funk 45s

OUT OF PRINT DOUBLE CD-R’S (available without cover or label art- $20)
Soulman World Of Beats Vol. 2- Dig It! (plus Vol. 2.5 The Classics)
Soulman World Of Beats Vol. 3- Off The Meatrack (plus Vol. 3 1/2 Bonus Beats)

Soulman Neva Stop Diggin’

$270 for all 24 cds

Note: all of the Best Of Archaeologists cds are compilations with songs played in their entirety and come with song lists; most of the Soulman cds are mixes and none of them come with song lists.
You can listen to sound clips from some of these cds on the “ill tapes” page on my site
Let me know what CDs you wish to order and your address and I can give you a total price. SHIPPING IS FREE ON ALL ORDERS WORLDWIDE!
I accept payment through PAYPAL ONLY.
Be sure to note which CDs or tapes you are ordering when you pay through Paypal.

Send Paypal payment to:

Any questions feel free to ask. PEACE.


A quick sneak peak snippet of what’s to come in 2012 (and it looks like I have a LOT coming, so stay tuned)- the first single from the tag team duo of Phill Most Chill & Paul Nice a.k.a. THE FABREEZE BROTHERS. Hardcore Hip Hop just the way we like it and hopefully you’ll like it too like Funkadelic– if so, there’s a whole album full of this kind of stuff currently in the works. COMING SOON. More info when available. Happy new year!



Glad to see there are still some people out there checking this blog from time to time, even though it’s basically dead due to inactivity on my part. Well, just look at me like your favorite uncle- you don’t see him all year because he’s too busy getting boozed up and chasing women, but damned if he doesn’t come around every year right about Christmas time to drop some toys and goodies on you before he disappears back into the night, not to be seen again for another 365 (that’s if he makes it through another 365… might take a Christmas miracle for that to happen).
Well, I’m droppin’ by with my big ol’ sack in my hand here to bless you with a new Soulman mix, one that I actually completed in only a couple of days instead of the usual six months to a year- and they say that miracles never cease. This joint consists of pretty much every funky Xmas record and holiday drumbreak I could think of (although I did forget a few or couldn’t get my hands on a couple… I have this DOPE latin record with a nice loop on it, but I have no idea where it’s at). Hopefully this will do the job for y’all… feel free to share this with everybody you know that may take a liking to it. Happy holidays and if this is my last post of 2011 (of course it is) have a safe and enjoyable New Year.

Soulman – Santa Claus Is A Soulman by Phill Most Chill SOULMAN

UPDATE: I guess the downloads from Soundcloud got used up real quick, so if you need it I think you can download from the Divshare link below. Best bet is to just use the Firefox browser, get the Download Helper add on and start downloading almost every damn thing you see or hear on the internets. Anyway, here it is again… get your download on (and let me know if there are any problems- I barely know what I’m doing with this technologicable schitt).


Mad pics of the PMC ACRR bundles poppin’ up on Facebook and the DWG site, among other spots… super ill. Mr. Cratedigger, I want that fly v-stitch goose, my brother! For those that missed the bundles but still want to cop, you knew it was gonna happen- eBay is calling your name. I may have to bid on that bad boy my damn self.


Just letting those interested know where we stand as of right now: the limited edition bundle with the colored vinyl and extras is SOLD OUT (everything flew out within hours of availability…. wowww). The double black vinyl lp is still available but it too may be sold out very soon, so I would advise any and all wanting to cop the album to do so ASAP. The CDs should be around awhile longer. More info in the comments. Thanks to everyone who bought the record, your support is appreciated to the fullest!


Pre-orders for the limited edition Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” DOUBLE VINYL LP (ill unreleased joints from the 1987-1990 “On Tempo Jack” era) begin on MONDAY JUNE 6th- be sure to check the Diggers With Gratitude forum for more details right here. I’m gonna keep it funky with y’all… I know these limited edition joints may be a little steep for some folks’ budgets, but if you can at all afford it I’d advise you to spring for that full bundle. Not because it’s gonna put loot in my pocket but because we tried to lace y’all with a package that hopefully would be worth the money spent and then some. I really think we succeeded. MAN. I’m extremely excited myself in anticipation of getting the finished products in my hands… can’t wait like Bart Scott.