It’s been two years since my first record on the Nobody Buys Records label – the Phill Most Chill Fast Rap E.P.- dropped, and now I’m back at it with those Bankrupt European beatmakers again. This time it’s “The Remix E.P.” 12″ which features current day remixes of four of my late 80’s era songs (Release Yourself, Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip, Be Intelligent and On Tempo Jack) revived and revitalized by the production team of DJ Snafu and Fraser Syme, complete with instrumentals. Fresh reworkings of classic era Hip Hop? Count me in (especially if it’s a fresh reworking of one of my own joints). Check the evidence, as in soundclips-

And after checking the evidence you can get ya self a copy or two or twenty five if you click on these particular blue words. And you can go below and gaze longingly at some pics of the vinyl courtesy of paying customers who’ve already paid for and received their wax while you wait patiently for your copies to arrive. You can’t lose with us, my g. Also, just an advance word- a new project is being worked on that’s gonna be revolutionary… wait and see, you heard it here first. I’m excited! More info in the days to come… keep checking back and thanks for checking out THAT REAL SCHITT.


The new summer 2014 installment of Jorun Bombay‘s Funkbox Reload has arrived and geez, it’s pretty much off the meatracks. So much ill stuff from start to finish but I’m still scraping the contents of my cranium off of the floor just from hearing the Joeski Love / Steady B remix mashup that sets the whole mix off. Yes, you read that correctly- my head exploded. So please listen to this with caution, but whatever you do- listen. Nobody who loves Hip Hop wants to miss this, mainly because nobody else that I know of is doing it like this anymore. Dope on a rope, certified… that pretty much sums it up. Oh yeah, that new Rampagers 45 gets debuted in the mix too, so don’t miss out.


New sureshot just released on the Breakin Bread label featuring my homie Chris Read rockin’ the beat and me, myself and I Phill Most Chill rockin’ the emcee rhymes. 7″ format with the original version plus a nasty remix by Chris on the B side (there’s also a very dope remix by Kid Dyno of the Daily Diggers crew that I hope will be available as well… #hottodeath). Please support and purchase one or two or thirty copies if you feel so inclined. Chris will be dropping a full length lp on Breakin Bread soon too, so put a few bucks aside for that. Meanwhile, check out the A side of Rap Tradition here and the B side remix here. While you’re at it, go ahead and order that vinyl 45 by clicking this (vinyl is pressed in limited quantities and has already sold out at some locations, so I’d advise acting fast just in case) or do that iTunes digital download style thing by tapping on this other link. I think that covers it! 
It’s gonna be a busy end-of-2013 when it comes to new Phill Most Chill related raps released on vinyl, so please be ready… I think you’re gonna like what’s coming. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.


Hello to all my Realschitterswell, however many of y’all who are still checkin’ in here at the blog that was declared dead months ago, THAT REAL SCHITT. It’s actually not dead, I’ve just been busy beyond words. Renovating the crib, doing my part to get the Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” limited edition LP done with my dudes over at DWG, etc. etc. No time for bloggery these past few months… STILL really no time for it, to be honest. But I was inspired to stop what I’ve been doing to rock this long overdue post, so here it is.
I was supposed to do this Real Schitt installment featuring my homeboy and one of the best producers on earth IMHO, Jorun Bombay, for probably like a year or maybe even two years (I’m senile- I really have no idea how long it’s been other than TOO long). Never got around to it- had to get other schitt out of the way first. The other day I said to myself, “self, you better hook up the Jorun post before you have a stroke or suffer some other debilitating malady that old people sometimes fall victim to”. Word ’em up.
For those who ain’t familiar, Jorun hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a full fledged master of the beats. We go back to my early days at Rap Sheet; Jo used to send me letters and his beat tapes and records and the whole nine. At that time I had no idea if Nova Scotia was in Canada, Iceland, Sweden or Wyoming (it’s in Canada) but I knew that this dude was serious about this beat schitt. My man even had the Baritone Tiplove 12″ so you know we hit it off.
To make a long story short(er), fast forward to today. As I said earlier IMHO Jorun is one of the best producers out there when it comes to real schitt Hip Hop. Creativity, sound quality, dope breaks… my kind of music, no doubt. So a while ago I asked Jo to send me some of his work so I could erect a real schitt statue in his honor on my blog, and he did. I listened through all the music, thought it was dope, then inadvertently pushed it to the side due to about a million things coming at me from all angles of my life (I have SO much great music that people have sent me just sitting in a pile, having been listened to only once because I haven’t had a chance to get back to it.. such is the life of a Soulman).
About a week ago I burned all the Jorun tracks to a CDR and rode around in the whip rockin’ that schitt at high decibels so I could really live with it for a minute, and thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of it, especially the production value. So I’m dropping almost ALL of these joints here on the world infamous THAT REAL SCHITT blog. Bus’ it-

Ghettosocks “Out For Treats” (official video)

Monark & Jorun “Hangin By A String”

Jorun & Soulman (Phill Most Chill) “Smash”

Jorun Bombay “Jorun’s Way”

Jorun Bombay, Jazzy Jay & Rick Rubin “Rock The Bells Instrumental”

Not a typo- you read that last one correctly. An instrumental for the LL Cool J sureshot from 1985. This is the kind of thing that Jorun Bombay does- no instrumental available for a classic rap joint? He just remakes the schitt himself. With stunning attention to detail- I never would have known that this instro was totally remade from scratch. Now you tell me, what’s f–kin’ with that? Maybe YOU know what’s f–kin’ with that, me I’m not so lucky. What I am, though, is very impressed.
So if you are also impressed (and if you’re the type of person who would even venture to this blogsite I think you should be), feel free to click the link down below and download all nineteen tracks produced by Haltown’s living legend. Thanks for the hook up, Jo (and sorry for the long delay).

Soulman Presents JORUN BOMBAY (various artists)






Since I still have a lot of stuff laying around here on cassettes and dats and reels and cd-rs that the world has never heard and will probably never make it to a slab of DWG vinyl, I may as well let off a couple every now and again. This first installment of Soulman Lost Demos from the 90’s features my boy Da’ Rage, also known as The Evil Eye Son Of Sin but may be known better to some of you from his work with UK producers The Nextmen as Soulson.
We actually go back as far as around 1990 or so, when we worked together on a “hip-pop” project for RCA Records (we also worked alongside world famous songstress Anastasia, BTW)- can’t mention what the project was for fear that some very astute digger may actually discover it, but the vinyl does indeed exist.
After that we stayed in touch and I even got my man to play the Tiplove part for some live shows we did in 1992 as Baritone Tiplove. Later on we got together with some other brothers and formed a little group we called Soul Brothers #9 (more on that in an upcoming blog post, no doubt). After that concept got derailed, we just recorded some demos at my crib, aka the Original World Of Beats (see picture above… looks like those record shelves are gonna collapse, don’t they? Well, eventually they did). We did a gang of songs and I did even more remixes to said songs, so I have a bunch of Soulson / Soulman joints somewhere around here in boxes or on shelves, just gotta dig ’em up.
Last I heard my dude got out of the Hip Hop lifestyle and jumped head first into the dance music world as DJ Christian James… I guess we’re talking about Trance and Electronica and all that kinda music which I really don’t know about so I’m probably not even using the right names. But anyway, here’s a couple of remixes I did for a song called “Baddass” plus a bonus joint with son gettin’ his freesteez on over the Mardi Gras-with-the-bells beat. If you like these and want more just holla…. your silence will motivate me to continue sitting on this schitt eternally.

DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Baddass (615 Remix) produced by SOULMAN
DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Baddass (Q Remix) produced by SOULMAN
DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Mardi Gras Freestyle


Another one of those Soulman mid-nineties remixes, this one a flip of Betty Wright for Kool G Rap’s “On The Run”. Hey, ain’t nuthin’ messin’ with the “I Declare War” and “Enter The Dragon” joints, recently re-earthed from Marley Marl‘s vaults by my dudes over at DWG (holy grail… got it!). But you might find this joint kinda nice for your G Rap collection too.

KOOL G RAP – On The Run (Soulman Remix)


Okay, where was I… oh yeah, the 1993 Tommy Boy Remixes story (it’s been a month or three since my last Real Schitt post, please excuse the memory lapse). Actually, I’m not even gonna get into the whole yarn… some of it can be found somewhere on one of my Myspace pages if you really want to read about it.
But to make a short story even shorter, back in 1993 Tommy Boy Records got me to remix the debut single by the Whooliganz, a Soul-Assassins related group consisting of Beverly Hills white kid rappers Scott Caan (son of actor James Caan who grew up to be a thespian in his own right) and another kid who grew up to be super producer The Alchemist (what up Al). You can read more about the Whooliganz on Wikipedia or maybe on this site (if you can read it- I gave up after the first sentence).
Basically, Tommy Boy wanted some commercial-azz schitt and I gave them THAT REAL SCHITT (raw as f*ck). End of story. As I’ve stated previously elsewhere, this was like a very low point for me and pretty much killed my desire to “make it” in the music industry. But my dumb azz shoulda known that I’m just not cut out for no mainstream professionalistic type success… my heart is in that homemade, press-it-yourself, gritty, grimey, distorted, everything-done-wrong type schitt. So kay sera sera… there’s no crying in Hip Hop.
As I did with the Naughty By Nature remixes that I submitted to Tommy (read the previous post if you haven’t already), I will now give you the rejected Whooliganz joints. I did about 12, I’ll hit you with my favorite six. I don’t know if any of y’all really want to hear Whooliganz remixes, but personally I was real happy with these beats I made some fifteen years ago. As always, excuse the distorted bass and whatnot- these joints are all direct from old cassette tapes and I don’t clean up or EQ schitt (no foolin’, Phill).

THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman Mucho Soul Remix) (RE-UPPED)
THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman BT Remix)
THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman Doobie Remix) (RE-UPPED)



Here’s a little something on the Naughty By Nature “It’s On” remixes I did for Tommy Boy back in the days… already covered on my short lived World Of Beats V.2 and Myspace blogs, but now with a little extra audio and back story-
Back in the summer of 1993, right when De La Soul‘s “Buhloone Mindstate” was about to come out, Rap Sheet magazine sent me to Tommy Boy’s offices to interview Posdnous of De La. Everything was cool, Pos was mad cool, schitt went well. Of course ya boy had to slip them a beat tape while I was up there- although I had gotten into the whole journalism side of Hip Hop by 1993, I was still trying to do my thing on the music side, too. What I did was put together about nine remixes of Naughty By Nature’s “It’s On”, which was a hit at that time. All of the remixes were pretty much just the hard hip hop type schitt that I love. But me knowing how people at record companies think and knowing that Dr. Dre‘s west coast “G-Funk” sound was killin’ everything right then, I did a tenth remix of “It’s On”… a funk version. Totally opposite of what I was into, but I just knew that this would make somebody at Tommy Boy’s ears perk up. Sure enough, I quickly got a call back saying that they loved my tape, especially the funk remix (I played these muthafuggas like a fiddle, mayne). They really wanted to use that remix, but decided that the song “It’s On” had run it’s course and had to move on to some newer music (plus they didn’t think Treach and Vinnie would like the funk sound anyway). So they gave me a new project to work on… I’ll get into that in the near future. TO BE CONTINUED.
A lot of stuff I did years ago I really can’t stand to hear today, but I’m kinda a-ight with these Naughty remixes. BTW, why does it seem like people barely remember Treach these days? For a minute there he was the chosen one… I guess so many super nice emcees started coming out of the woodworks from I guess ’93 to ’96 that Treach just got lost in the shuffle? I never understand how all this schitt works.
Like I said, I did like ten remixes of ‘It’s On”, so I’m gonna hit you with seven of ’em- why not, they’re just laying around doing nothing on my harddrive anyway, why not share them with whoever might like to check ’em out.

It’s Gonna Be On RE-UPPED
The West Coast New Phunk Mix RE-UPPED
Naughtilus Remix RE-UPPED

all 7 remixes in a RAR file


My guy Willie Evans Jr. is a fool for this one… a mash-up of two of the latest Hip-Hop-related disses that have been making the headlines recently, Jay-Z going at the Oasis rocker dude (what’s his name, Noah or Noel something? I forget) and Shaq O’Neal questioning his arch nemesis Kobe Bryant about whether he finds his anus delicious or not (PAUSE). So Willie takes the two already infamous Youtube clips, chops them up and makes his own remix video out of them. Didn’t I tell your azzes a long time ago that Willie Evans Jr. was the future? You gotta rock that Soulja Boy / Ice-T thing for the next one, Willie… somebody out there has probably already done it but I’m sure you could flip it better.