It’s been two years since my first record on the Nobody Buys Records label – the Phill Most Chill Fast Rap E.P.- dropped, and now I’m back at it with those Bankrupt European beatmakers again. This time it’s “The Remix E.P.” 12″ which features current day remixes of four of my late 80’s era songs (Release Yourself, Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip, Be Intelligent and On Tempo Jack) revived and revitalized by the production team of DJ Snafu and Fraser Syme, complete with instrumentals. Fresh reworkings of classic era Hip Hop? Count me in (especially if it’s a fresh reworking of one of my own joints). Check the evidence, as in soundclips-

And after checking the evidence you can get ya self a copy or two or twenty five if you click on these particular blue words. And you can go below and gaze longingly at some pics of the vinyl courtesy of paying customers who’ve already paid for and received their wax while you wait patiently for your copies to arrive. You can’t lose with us, my g. Also, just an advance word- a new project is being worked on that’s gonna be revolutionary… wait and see, you heard it here first. I’m excited! More info in the days to come… keep checking back and thanks for checking out THAT REAL SCHITT.



First time back posting on the blog since late last year… that’s pretty much how it’s gonna be from here on out I guess. Sporadic real schitt sitings whenever I have a new project to push or whenever i have the time to sprinkle some other stuff of interest on you (probably won’t be a lot of that, though). If you’re still checking out the happenings over here it’s appreciated, most def.

You may notice that we’re no longer down with Blogger / Google… they put THAT REAL SCHITT through some reeeeeeal bullsh*t when all I was trying to do was renew my domain name. They tried to suck me into some crap where I was gonna have to pay additional fees to Google Apps for basically nothing and tried to make it damn near impossible for me NOT to pay them if I wanted to keep the site on Blogger. Some real shady tricknology, kids. Long story short I relocated the business over to WordPress– so far so good but I peeped some tricky unnecessary money grabbing tactics out of them, too (thanks to GoDaddy for smoothing the transition out for me- they wanted money as well but I guess you gotta pay somebody if you’re not the most computer literate dude on earth and can’t work this sh*t out on your own).

So here we are, back again and reloaded- note the new overly cluttered header i haphazardly threw together. That’s how I do this, son! A quick rundown on upcoming PMC business- the Phill Most Chill Remix E.P. on Nobody Buys Records produced by my dudes The Bankrupt Europeans should be dropping in a matter of days; the Rampagers 7″ on DWG produced by Jorun Bombay featuring Emskee, Oxygen and me should also be dropping very very soon; and the long awaited Fabreeze Brothers album by myself and Paul Nice is DONE and will be released on AE Productions, hopefully by the end of the summer (SO hyped over this album… if people like it half as much as I do it’ll be one of their favorite Hip Hop albums in a looooong time, possibly EVER- yeah, I said it). Plus I have a few features here and there… what can I say, been gettin’ busy in my old age.

Also, for those of y’all who could care less about the PMC rappin’ stuff and want to hear more Soulman mixes, I got a few of those on deck too. Would love to do more- I have TONS of great music I’d like to share- but I’m low on time and usually too damn worn out with everything else I’m doing to put together a mix that I’m 100% happy with. I have two right now that have been sitting for over a year that I just haven’t been able to finish up. But I’ll get on it, have no fear.

Anyway, spread the word that THAT REAL SCHITT is up and running again- it ain’t over yet.


Every now and then something new comes out that makes you say “now THIS is what I’ve been waiting to hear.” That’s how I feel about “Tell Me A Tale” by British singer / guitarist Michael Kiwanuka. He’s got that classic Charles Stephney sound going strong here but he’s certainly doing his own thing at the same time. As Michael says, “Sing me a song that I’ll always hear”… I think I’m gonna be hearing this one for a good while. Lovin’ the video for this as well as the song itself.


Yoooo… been mad busy getting my eBay on and whatever else, haven’t had time to update in a minute. Until I get back into the flow, here’s some more Youtubbery I put up whilst experimenting with the whole upload process. Another sneak peak from the Phill Most Chill “Philly Phill’s Old School Album” which I hopefully will finish up one of these years. Have a happy old school winter’s day and I’ll be back soon.



Yo… thanks to all who have hit me up during The Hiatus via comments or e-mail. Wish I could say I’m back, but really I’m not… just wanted to post these videos I peeped recently because they were both made to be posted on THAT REAL SCHITT.
First is an excerpt from the film SBX! Holding Down The Tradition, which is a real nice slice of Hip Hop from the home of Hip Hop, the Bronx, New York. Featuring cats like Lord Finesse and other D.I.T.C. members / affiliates… real nice. Highlight of the film is this little performance by Edan in which he simply kills it… watch for yourself and see what I mean. Be sure to buy that Echo Party joint by Edan when it drops shortly… haven’t heard it yet but word is that it’s bananaramas.

My favorite music video of the moment, and possibly my favorite music video of the last and current centuries, is this joint here by my brothers PUTS. People Under The Stairs just seem to make great videos… man, they shoulda been out in the Yo! MTV Raps days back when good rap videos actually got a lot of airtime. This, IMHO, is a great rap video.

One last thing: I WILL be back. Working on some stuff now. See y’all soon…


Just want to pay my respects to one of the more underrated legends of the Hip Hop game who tragically passed away last week, Trenton’s Tony D. I used to listen to Tony get on the wheels on WPRB and spin “originals” back in the early 90’s- you know, the old records that well known Hip Hop samples originated from. I don’t know if he was the first person to do it but he was definitely the first person I ever heard playing stuff like that. Definitely an influence on stuff that I would end up doing a few years later. We actually had the same legal representation / management back in those days and also did a show or two together- this was when I was doing my Baritone Tiplove thing and he was doing the Crusaders For Real Hip Hop. Don’t know why we didn’t get together and build like we should have, since Tony always repped THAT REAL SCHITT the way it’s supposed to be repped and made Hip Hop music the way it’s supposed to be made IMHO.
Me and Tony reconnected a little bit in recent years, and I last talked to him when he called me up a few months ago, asking my advice on how he should go about putting out some of his many unreleased productions. It’s times like this when you can’t help but think things like, “damn, I wish I woulda told homeboy how much respect I have for all of his contributions to Hip Hop when we had that last phone convo”, or “I wish I’d have gotten a flick when we deejayed at that record show together a couple years ago.” Life is short, people… don’t waste those moments. My condolences to his wife and family, and respect to Tony D. REST IN POWER.


Since my bum-ass Philly Birds didn’t get it done again in the NFC Chip game against the lowly Cardinals (and I had to do some Kobayashi schitt on a damned crow carcass), I am not really feelin’ this year’s Super Bowl game. I’ll have it on the tube and all, but no partying or really getting into it at all. I will be pulling for the Steelers, though, for a variety of reasons: one, they reside in my state (PA). Two, Coach Tomlin‘s my guy. Three, Dick LeBeau is possibly G.O.A.T. Four, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Five, I’m still salty over the gotdamn Cardinals beating my squad. Six, I watched the Cardinals all year, and the Cardinals STUNK BADLY in so many games during the regular season it’s not even funny. Seven… my lord, we are talking about the Cardinals. WINNING THE SUPERBOWL. Zomg wtf ftw lullllllz lolol… the f**kin’ CARDINALS. Well, I guess the sun even shines on a dog’s azz every now and again, so anything’s possible. I got the Steelers though. What up, Carm… I’m rockin’ the Stallworth jersey today.

Listening music for Super Bowl Sunday- THE JACKSON 5 – Big Boy on STEELTOWN Records


Yeah, yeah… I know I’m going the easy route with these cheap-ass “listening music” posts. No worries, I have some real posts lined up (complete with AUDIO, you greedy bastiches) and will drop them soon. Might not be ’til the new year, but I might actually have some free time during the holidays, so we’ll see. Until then, this is what’s been in the iPhone iPod (sad, but I rarely even listen to actual vinyl these days):

Eramus Hall – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Wee – I’m All Changed / Find Me, Love Me / Alone
Solaris – You & Me
Pure Gold – I Miss You
Starpoint – Wanting You / Starnite, Your Night
Ronnie McNeir – In Summertime
The Power Of Attorney – Loving You / Turn Around / No More
Marcos Valle – Vio Cego (WOOOOOOOOO! This is SO crazy on some Brazilian smooth schitt- thanks Reynaldo!)
Arthur Verocai – self titled lp
Gimmicks – Best Of- From Acapulco To Tokyo lp / Brasilian Samba lp
Ciara – Explode
Ryan Leslie – How It was Supposed To Be (I don’t know if this dude has any buzz in the skreets at all- I’m real disconnected to what’s going on in the current music world- but I like a lot of stuff he’s been doing lately)
Phill Most Chill – The Philly Phill Old School Album (might post this up one of these days if anybody cares to hear it, who knows)
I.N.T. – Welcome To Christmas Wonderland (very dope IMHO)


Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears (definitely my #1 schitt on the iPod right now)
Busta Rhymes – Arab Money (Remix)
Large Professor – In The Ghetto / Hardcore Hip Hop / Noyd (f/ Big Noyd) / To the Meadows / The Hardest (f/ Styles P & AZ)
Menahan Street Band – Tired Of Fighting
Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke
Vashti Bunyan – Rose Hip November / Train Song / Glow Worms
Hieroglyphics – 3rd Eye Vision lp
Donna McGhee – It Ain’t No Big Thing
Brooklyn Bronx & Queens Band – On The Beat
Ghostface Killah – Murda Goons / Milk Crates / Black Cream / Mama f. Keyshia Cole (this is a severely underrated song IMO, as far as some rap RnB collabo schitt goes at the very least)

Put me up on some other schitt! I don’t get out much any more.