Okay, where was I… oh yeah, the 1993 Tommy Boy Remixes story (it’s been a month or three since my last Real Schitt post, please excuse the memory lapse). Actually, I’m not even gonna get into the whole yarn… some of it can be found somewhere on one of my Myspace pages if you really want to read about it.
But to make a short story even shorter, back in 1993 Tommy Boy Records got me to remix the debut single by the Whooliganz, a Soul-Assassins related group consisting of Beverly Hills white kid rappers Scott Caan (son of actor James Caan who grew up to be a thespian in his own right) and another kid who grew up to be super producer The Alchemist (what up Al). You can read more about the Whooliganz on Wikipedia or maybe on this site (if you can read it- I gave up after the first sentence).
Basically, Tommy Boy wanted some commercial-azz schitt and I gave them THAT REAL SCHITT (raw as f*ck). End of story. As I’ve stated previously elsewhere, this was like a very low point for me and pretty much killed my desire to “make it” in the music industry. But my dumb azz shoulda known that I’m just not cut out for no mainstream professionalistic type success… my heart is in that homemade, press-it-yourself, gritty, grimey, distorted, everything-done-wrong type schitt. So kay sera sera… there’s no crying in Hip Hop.
As I did with the Naughty By Nature remixes that I submitted to Tommy (read the previous post if you haven’t already), I will now give you the rejected Whooliganz joints. I did about 12, I’ll hit you with my favorite six. I don’t know if any of y’all really want to hear Whooliganz remixes, but personally I was real happy with these beats I made some fifteen years ago. As always, excuse the distorted bass and whatnot- these joints are all direct from old cassette tapes and I don’t clean up or EQ schitt (no foolin’, Phill).

THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman Mucho Soul Remix) (RE-UPPED)
THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman BT Remix)
THE WHOOLIGANZ – Put Your Hands Up (Soulman Doobie Remix) (RE-UPPED)