I’m slightly frazzled right now, what with handling a bunch of social networking and other online biz connected with my latest new release (seems I have a gang of ’em right about now), the 10 track full length lp by UK modern day legend DJ Format and myself, Phill Most Chill, titled “The Foremost” (get it? I knew you would). It’s been a busy day, but I’m more than happy to do whatever has to be done because I am freaking ecstatic about this album! Matt (that’s DJ Format to you) has been a beat making monster for years, and I can honestly say that in my honest opinion he honestly outdid himself with the beats on this record. Honest. 
Before I get superfluous with the superlatives, which I can do at times, let me just direct you to the brand spankin’ new promo video for the album, courtesy of the uber-talented creative folks at Paintshop Studio (and yeah, I’m really ecstatic about this video too!)-

Release date is October 28th, should be easy enough to find online but if you have any troubles catching a copy hit me up right here and I’ll help you out with that. And we are trying to promote the heck out of this jawn, so if any of y’all bloggers or websiters or radio show peoples is interested in conducting an interview you can contact me here or on my Facebook page and we’ll try to make that happen if at all possible. More info to come… right now let me get a couple hours of sleep before my brain explodes all over the inside of my skull like the batteries in my Columbia GP-3 did.


The very first official Jorun Bombay online podcast show is now available for your listening pleasure, featuring a lot of DWGrelated material that is pretty damn fressssh (my own very biased opinion but it also just happens to be a fact). No Serato, vinyl only- not important to me but I know it is to a lot of y’all hardcore vinylocrats out there, so please feel free to appreciate that black or other colored wax spinning around on the platters. Peep the tracklist, listen below and enjoy with no limitations-

The DWG Rampagers – DWG RAMPAGE
Fabreeze Brothers – Power Man & Iron Fist
DJ Format & The Good People – Marisco
Eastside Connection – Frisco Disco
Magic Disco Machine – Scratchin
(Run-DMC & Phillmost concert at the Apollo commerical)
Phill Most Chill & Paul Nice – Neva Stop Diggin
Sputnik Brown – Ego Trip
Sigher the Gutter Snipe – Hitman Harry
Fair One – The Benches
First Words – Joint
Classified – Mic Check
Oxygen – Spit Life
Emskee – I Get Down (Like This)
Soma – You ain’t ready (Soulman Remix)
Sureshot Larock & DJ Format – Dope Pusher
Last Minute Shout Outs


For those who may have slept on it, the world’s greatest record label DWG recently put out a promo-only sampler EP featuring some of the best tunes from their extensive “random rap revisited” catalog (I got a few features on this jawn!) entitled “DWG Sampler One (A Journey Through The Crates)”. A fine slab of wax, highly recommended even if you have to spend a fortune on eBay to obtain it.
The highlight of the album (well, other than maybe Kool G Rap‘s “I Declare War”) for a lot of people was the collabo track “DWG Rampage” featuring myself and a few other super talented DWG vets, Emskee and Oxygen on the mic and equally super talented Jorun Bombay on the beat.  Jorun has been shocking the world by crafting his own homemade instrumentals of classic Hip Hop records (see here and here for a couple of examples), so DWG decided to bring him together with us three mc’s and drop some rhymes over one of those instros. Out of all the recreated beats that Jo had done, EPMD & LL Cool J‘s classic “Rampage” seemed like the perfect joint.
Since it’s getting late and I’m falling asleep all over my PC keyboard I’m gonna cut the story short, but you WILL hear more from The Rampagers very soon, that’s my word. All leading up to that Rampagers’ European Tour in 2014? I say hells yes, let’s do it! I’m down.


Hello to all my Realschitterswell, however many of y’all who are still checkin’ in here at the blog that was declared dead months ago, THAT REAL SCHITT. It’s actually not dead, I’ve just been busy beyond words. Renovating the crib, doing my part to get the Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” limited edition LP done with my dudes over at DWG, etc. etc. No time for bloggery these past few months… STILL really no time for it, to be honest. But I was inspired to stop what I’ve been doing to rock this long overdue post, so here it is.
I was supposed to do this Real Schitt installment featuring my homeboy and one of the best producers on earth IMHO, Jorun Bombay, for probably like a year or maybe even two years (I’m senile- I really have no idea how long it’s been other than TOO long). Never got around to it- had to get other schitt out of the way first. The other day I said to myself, “self, you better hook up the Jorun post before you have a stroke or suffer some other debilitating malady that old people sometimes fall victim to”. Word ’em up.
For those who ain’t familiar, Jorun hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a full fledged master of the beats. We go back to my early days at Rap Sheet; Jo used to send me letters and his beat tapes and records and the whole nine. At that time I had no idea if Nova Scotia was in Canada, Iceland, Sweden or Wyoming (it’s in Canada) but I knew that this dude was serious about this beat schitt. My man even had the Baritone Tiplove 12″ so you know we hit it off.
To make a long story short(er), fast forward to today. As I said earlier IMHO Jorun is one of the best producers out there when it comes to real schitt Hip Hop. Creativity, sound quality, dope breaks… my kind of music, no doubt. So a while ago I asked Jo to send me some of his work so I could erect a real schitt statue in his honor on my blog, and he did. I listened through all the music, thought it was dope, then inadvertently pushed it to the side due to about a million things coming at me from all angles of my life (I have SO much great music that people have sent me just sitting in a pile, having been listened to only once because I haven’t had a chance to get back to it.. such is the life of a Soulman).
About a week ago I burned all the Jorun tracks to a CDR and rode around in the whip rockin’ that schitt at high decibels so I could really live with it for a minute, and thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of it, especially the production value. So I’m dropping almost ALL of these joints here on the world infamous THAT REAL SCHITT blog. Bus’ it-

Ghettosocks “Out For Treats” (official video)

Monark & Jorun “Hangin By A String”

Jorun & Soulman (Phill Most Chill) “Smash”

Jorun Bombay “Jorun’s Way”

Jorun Bombay, Jazzy Jay & Rick Rubin “Rock The Bells Instrumental”

Not a typo- you read that last one correctly. An instrumental for the LL Cool J sureshot from 1985. This is the kind of thing that Jorun Bombay does- no instrumental available for a classic rap joint? He just remakes the schitt himself. With stunning attention to detail- I never would have known that this instro was totally remade from scratch. Now you tell me, what’s f–kin’ with that? Maybe YOU know what’s f–kin’ with that, me I’m not so lucky. What I am, though, is very impressed.
So if you are also impressed (and if you’re the type of person who would even venture to this blogsite I think you should be), feel free to click the link down below and download all nineteen tracks produced by Haltown’s living legend. Thanks for the hook up, Jo (and sorry for the long delay).

Soulman Presents JORUN BOMBAY (various artists)






Hey y’all… still chillin’ on the THAT REAL SCHITT content for now, but looks like I’m about to get snowed in yet again here in Philly (we just got hit with 29 inches on white flakes last weekend, now Mama Nature’s about to dump another foot and a half on us tonight and all day tomorrow… yikes) so maybe while I’m stuck in the house for a day or two I’ll come up with some new schitt for the site. Meanwhile, here are a couple of Youtube vids that have been making the rounds already all over the internet, but if you haven’t already seen ’em you really need to get a load of these. My homie Jake One and one of my favorite rappers, Philly homeboy Freeway, are prepared to drop an album that’s gonna bring the rap world to a halt just like this cotdamned snow is about to stop everything from moving here in Philly. Not trying to make this into a commercial, but as crazy as any Jake Wizzle / Philly Freezer fan knows the music is gonna be…. well, just check out the packaging. INSANE. I just ordered seven copies, no lie (and will probably cop another five or so… even if this album sells a million, sealed minty copies are probably gonna be worth some dough one day… real collectors know the deal). Check out both the cd and the LP and tell me what’s f***in’ with this. WOWWWW.






I’m getting ready to get my egg nog on and watch some football today, but real quick I thought I’d put up the link to this dope ass holiday gift courtesy of I.N.T. so you can get up on it if you’re not already up on it. This joint is already on a lot of blogs but IMO it needs to be on this one too since I definitely consider it THAT REAL SCHITT. You can read elsewhere to get all the details on this project and the folks behind it (you know I’m too lazy to get into alla that), but it’s basically Christmas music chopped up Dilla style and graciously placed in your stocking by Santa just in time for the holidays. Hit the link and cop it for FREE DOWNLOAD before that damn Zwarte Piet gets to it- the muthaf***a be stealin’ schitt.

I.N.T. – Welcome To Christmas Wonderland


When the whole break mix thing started blowing up there were a number of joints I liked a lot (i’m not even gonna try throwing names out, too damn many). But my favorites were the joints by Seattle’s beat lords The Conmen, aka Mr. Supreme (world reknowned crate king, dj and pornchick magnet) and Jake One (world reknowned producer, G-Unit affiliate and #1 Seahawks fan). All five of those Conmen mixes have made the internet blog rounds already, but if you weren’t already up on ’em here’s the third in the series, “Jealous Toys Die” (gotta love the usage of that Willie Colon “Cosa Nuestra” lp imagery… hard as f**k). And yo, BTW Jake… I might have to fly out to Qwest Field on Nov. 2 with some cheesesteaks to watch the Eagles slap fire out them Seagulls (that’s if the Eagles are even any good this year… I’m hopeful but I’m far from convinced at this point).

CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 1 RE-UPPED
CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 2 RE-UPPED

BONUS COVERAGE: Let’s do a little video too while we’re at it-


Back in 1994 a 40 watt lightbulb flashed over my head and I got a bright idea: “Hey, I think I wanna be a mixtape DJ”. Not a break mixtape DJ, I mean a living, breathing Hip Hop mixtape DJ, like a Ron G or an S&S or whoever else who was pushin’ tapes back in the early-to-mid 90’s. Only difference was I wanted to be a REAL SCHITT mixtape DJ. Not that the state of Hip Hop was anywhere near what it is now- there was still a lot of hardcore underground Hip Hop that was held in high regard in the streets, clubs and elsewhere. Things were definitely changing, though, what with the rise of the west coast thanks to Dre and Snoop‘s takeover of rap music. But the idea of Hip Hop being dead was still over a decade away.
Still, I wanted to go a little bit against the grain (as I always do) by playing album cuts that I thought were dope but you really didn’t hear all that much on other mixtapes or mixshows. Plus I wanted to throw some of my own remixes and beats into the stew, as well as a little old school flava, breaks and samples, etc. etc… you know, THAT REAL SCHITT. Just trying to do something kinda cool and different. I ended up making Soulman Joint #1 and Soulman Joint #2– two 90 minute tapes that me and my crew at the time Soul Brothers No. 9 (more on them at a later date) could give out while promoting some of the other schitt we planned on doing.
I thought the tapes were pretty dope to my ears (although my little vocal drops were pretty annoying even to me), but many of my east coast brethren were not diggin’ some of the west coast schitt I poured into the gumbo. BOY were they hatin’ on some of the Heiro stuff! Yeah, well, the hell with ’em… I still love the early Heiro stuff, specifically the 1st Casual and Souls Of Mischief lps and the 2nd Del joint. One thing I don’t do, i do NOT discriminate based on a fool’s geographical location- if you killin’ THAT REAL SCHITT you have a fan in The Soulman.
Anyway, I decided the mixtape grind was not for me. Even back then I was too steeped in real schittery for the masses, with their limited comprehension, to be able to relate (lol). Here’s the tracklisting to SOULMAN JOINT #2:

Soulbrothers No 9 Intro feat. 45 King – ???
De La Soul & ATCQ – Sh Fe MCs
Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin (Remix)
Strictly Roots featuring Fat Joe & Grand Puba – Begs No Friends (Remix)
UMCs – Some Speak Ill Thoughts
Gangstarr – Brainstorm
Casual – Get Off It
Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ (Soulman Remix)
Das Efx – Wontu
ATCQ – Steve Biko
Shyheim – On And On (Primo Remix)
N-Tyce – Root Beer Float
Erick Sermon featuring Ice Cube & Kam – The Ill Shit
Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell / Isaac Hayes – Joy (Soulman Remix)

Soulbrothers No 9 Intro feat. Solomon Burke – Fight Back
45 King – ???
ATCQ – Electric Relaxation
Del – No Need For Alarm
Das Efx – Check It Out
24-7 – Let’s Have It (intro)
Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurrupt & Dat Nigga Daz – Nuthin’ But A G Thing (Freestyle Remix)
N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip
Wu-tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. / Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Soulman Remix)
Wildman Steve Interlude
Gangstarr – Words From the Nutcracker
Tragedy – Street Life (Remix)
KMD – What A Niggy Know (Remix)
Black Moon – Reality (Killing Every Nigga)
Monk Higgins – The Look Of Slim
Three Dog Night – I Can Hear You Callin’
Kain The Blue Guerilla interlude
Kurious – I’m Kurious
Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick – Treat ‘Em Like A Prostitute (live)

I’ll drop the first SOULMAN JOINT somewhere down the line if y’all dig this one at all. I think I like #2 better though… my vocals REALLY bug me on #1.
And BTW, if anybody knows the titles of those 45 King tracks let me know… I still have the records around here somewhere, I’m just way too lazy to look for them. The KMD track, too… is that title right? Duh. Let me know if ya know.



Before I break out for awhile for my late summer vay-cay, I leave you with this- a 30+ minute mix featuring some beats taken straight off of a couple of my beat tapes from around 1992-1993. And when I say straight off of the beat tapes, I mean STRAIGHT off of them… all kinds of distortion, tape hiss, muddy bass, you name it. Everything that you need for THAT REALEST SCHITT. Of course I am severely biased and possibly even on my own d**k somewhat, but awww f**k it… i don’t apologize for that. I ain’t no real for real deejay but the schitt is bangin’ regardless- there, I said it. If you disagree that’s cool, but you’re not my friend anyway. Alla y’all who are friends and who like it raw- please download this mix, pass it along to any real schitters in your community and enjoy. And hit me with some comments too… it’ll only take a minute out of your life. See ya in a week or two.
Oh, and BTW… the pic up top is actually NOT from 1992-1993… more like 1994. I still had hair, yo!