When the whole break mix thing started blowing up there were a number of joints I liked a lot (i’m not even gonna try throwing names out, too damn many). But my favorites were the joints by Seattle’s beat lords The Conmen, aka Mr. Supreme (world reknowned crate king, dj and pornchick magnet) and Jake One (world reknowned producer, G-Unit affiliate and #1 Seahawks fan). All five of those Conmen mixes have made the internet blog rounds already, but if you weren’t already up on ’em here’s the third in the series, “Jealous Toys Die” (gotta love the usage of that Willie Colon “Cosa Nuestra” lp imagery… hard as f**k). And yo, BTW Jake… I might have to fly out to Qwest Field on Nov. 2 with some cheesesteaks to watch the Eagles slap fire out them Seagulls (that’s if the Eagles are even any good this year… I’m hopeful but I’m far from convinced at this point).

CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 1 RE-UPPED
CONMEN – Jealous Toys Die Pt. 2 RE-UPPED

BONUS COVERAGE: Let’s do a little video too while we’re at it-


  1. yo you shoulda put up that picture of Jake flossin the G Payton jersey out the window! thanks for sharing that CD though Phil, never had 3.Coco B. Soulman status in ’08

  2. maaaaaaannn, i’m still listening to tapes of those mixes…veteranos was real real good too. what was the lil hiphop snippet on jtd where “im fuckin up these toys,beggggin for a motherfuckin beat,go get your own shit go find it” or something like that. sounded like saafir. anyway…love those mixes. quo just hipped me to a soft machine joint on veteranos. i’m on the lookout. peace philltony tripledub

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