Right now I know a lot of people are reminiscing about Thriller, Off The Wall, Bad, the moonwalk, the glove and the jacket with the zippers. But me, when I think of Michael Jackson the first thing that’s always gonna come to my mind is that little guy with the afro and the brown skin and the African-American nose who could sing and dance better than anybody before he was old enough for junior high. That little guy who had to grow up way before he was ready to and disappeared way before he should have. The world has lost one of it’s giants today. REST IN POWER.


If you’re bored at work sitting at your computer with nothing to do, tired of playing solitaire and mah jongg, the first thing you need to do is thank the Lord that your azz hasn’t yet been laid off. After that you may want to check out a spot that’s one of my favorite time wasters, the Oddee.com site. Those who know me know that I have a thing for lists- well, this site has a schittload of the most interesting yet bizarre lists that you will ever see. Keeping it music related, I posted a few selections from Oddee’s 15 Creepiest Album Covers (some of which were too creepy even for THAT REAL SCHITT). A few other favorites- 15 Extraordinary Sand Sculptures (that first one is amazingly the least impressive and yet also the most impressive at the same time), 20 Awesome 3-D Pavement Illusions and World’s Most Flexible Women. Those are barely the tip of the iceberg, though… check ’em out when you have absolutely nothing better to do.


Mos Def – The Ecstatic – IMO this is the best Mos album since Black On Both Sides, maybe even better. Not perfect, but damn good. I hear a lot of folks saying they ain’t feelin’ Dante’s singing, but I like it a lot when he does it like he does it on this album (as in just to accent the rhyming, not trying to be a real full-time this-is-my-day-job singer). Highlights: “Pistola” (love the nod to the Intruders), “Worker’s Comp”, “Supermagic”, “Roses” (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow), “Casa Bey”, “History” (with Mos’ Blackstar compadre Talib Kweli) and “Auditorium”, which features a GREAT guest appearance by The Patch, better known as Slick Rick – check it out below.

Drew Nice – People Music II Enchanted Soulthis may be one of my all time favorite mixes, and I’ve heard a lot of good ones.
Dr. York – New lp
Laura Izibor – From My Heart To Yours (Primo Remix)
Jay-Z – D.O.A. The Death Of Autotune
Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul lp
The Sequins – various
Little Milton – Driftin’ Drifter I need to get into some more of Little Milton’s catalog, he’s one of those dudes I always knew about but never really checked for.
James Brown – Goodbye My Love / JB’s – King Heroin (instrumental) – gotta love those Godfather slow jams
Pirimas 3 – I Don’t Know
Jimmy Bo Horne – Get Happy
The Bionic Woman – The Return Of Bigfoot Pt. 2 (soundtrack from the tv show)
Jimmy Spicer – This Is It – one of my favorite purple label era Def Jam joints
Snap aka Red Clay – Snappage Vol. 1 mixtape – for anybody who thinks I don’t like any southern rap just because it’s from down south… wrong. Snap is one of the nastiest emcees alive IMO… I don’t know how many people are familiar with him, but if you’re not you need to get familiar. This schitt is extremely dope to me.
A lot of stuff off of my guy Matthew Africa‘s blog – stayed up til the sun came up one morning just listening to and downloading schitt… great music
A lot of 60’s-style soul that I can’t mention yet because they’ll be on my new mix (coming soon!).


Just got interviewed by the homie Jonathan Paycheck for his Good Records NYC blog, so be sure to head over there and check it out after you’re done checking this out. Very nice blog and, from what i hear, very nice record shoppe (I have never actually been there because I don’t think I’ve even been back to New York since the store opened, but I will definitely come through one of these days). So yes, this is a ringing endorsement from your man Soul- although I have never set foot in this fine establishment I encourage you to go to Good Records NYC with fat pockets, buy all the wall items and basically any other album that has a nice cover until your fat pockets are depleted and THEN run up an absurd amount on your credit cards as well. Because, as we all should know, records are the truth. Money (and good credit) may come and go, but the truth is forever. What up Jonny!


This is already all over everyplace and got the internets goin’ nuts but I wanted to put it here on THAT REAL SCHITT too. Because I got somethin’ to say on this. First of all- great track, Hov and No I.D. So sorely needed. What’s funny to me, though, is seeing some people who have been down with the recent trends in today’s so-called relevant rap world suddenly jumping ship. I hate hypocrites. Keep it 100, y’all li’l b**ches! You down with the stanky leg, ride that schitt to the end! If you were down with what my man Danny Dan The Beatman calls that “gay robot” schitt don’t bail the f**k out now that Jay-Z has proclaimed that schitt dead and stinkin’! I could actually have some respect for that. Have some conviction, suckers. I hate hypocrites and I hate fair weather muthaf**kas just as much. Other than that, if you haven’t heard “D.O.A.” yet check the link down below and have a nice day.

Jay-Z – D.O.A. Death Of Autotune


Just when you thought I was retired from the break mix game (I thought I was retired too, who knew)… I started working on this mix almost exactly one year ago and finally finished it today while the wife was at the movies with the kids watching Up (they said it was good). The original idea was to do a joint with all kinds of weird records from a bunch of different genres and countries. Somehow, it ended up being all rock records. Or at least records that would probably be filed in the rock section at your friendly neighborhood record shoppe. That’s all I’ll say about it, other than this is probably one of my weirder mixes- definitely maintaining the basic Soulman style but with some strange deviations from my traditional format as well. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites- I’m rarely pleased with the finished product of anything I do, but I must say that I was very happy with the results this time.
Peep it for yourself down below, and if you like it please feel free to share it with others, post it up on your blog or bootleg that schitt and sell it behind the counter at the corner bodega along with the apple blunts and loosies. It’s free, do what you will with it.
P.S. – sorry but I didn’t do a tracklist for this and I honestly don’t even remember what more than half of these songs are… I just grabbed whatever rock records were laying around at the time and played whatever sounded half decent. Dollar bin to ultra rare psych… it’s all over the place.

SOULMAN – The Truth Is Forever