…but maybe it actually is! Who knows? I sure as hell don’t. I can’t even believe it’s been over a year since my last post here on THAT REAL SCHITT (and I haven’t been posting regular updates for even longer than that). I know all of the faithful followers to this blog have gone on to greener (and more frequently updated) pastures… my apologies to any who may have been disappointed by my disappearance from these parts.
But I would like to get back into the swing of things over here- partly because yeah, I have a bunch of stuff coming up that I want to promote (gotta go for dolo when you don’t have a big PR firm handling things, what can I say), but also because I just miss dropping my little tidbits pertaining to true school Hip Hop, random raps, diggin’ in crates, etc… you know, THAT REAL SCHITT. So I’m gonna give it a try and see how it goes. If I can figure out how to do this properly on my iPad while I’m out in the streets I know I can make it happen. Cross your fingers. Thanks to everybody who’s checked for this site over the years and hopefully we can crank it up once again. MORE TO COME.


Those of you familiar with my Soulman “The Truth Is Forever” and “Beautiful” mixes may know that I am a big fan of the Hendrickson Road House album from 1970, one of the great holy grails of the psych / folk rock world. Through this very blog I was lucky enough to meet the singer / songwriter / guitarist / creator of this amazing record, Sue Akins (actually spelled “Eakins” but changed for the album so that people would get the pronunciation correct). Even got to interview Sue a while back- unfortunately my unwieldy daily schedule (you know, that burdensome encumbrance that keeps me from regularly updating THAT REAL SCHITT) hasn’t afforded me the time to transcribe the full interview as of yet. Luckily I don’t think Sue (who is just a wonderful woman and has become a good friend of mine) is gonna hold it against me that she may have ended up wasting a couple hours of her time answering a bunch of questions from a Hip Hop dude straight outta Philly, questions and answers that unfortunately may never see the light of day. Well, it was a great experience and an honor for me to be able to talk to the person behind one of my favorite albums, and I’m still gonna try to finish transcribing everything and run the interview right here whenever I can do it (I just know I’m such a bum when it comes to stuff like this that I can’t say when I’ll get it done, but I’m gonna try). Meanwhile, please check out Sue’s Swan Fungus interview, which honestly covers pretty much everything I did and then some.
Anyway, all of this is to inform those that may be interested that the Hendrickson Road House lp reissue is officially a reality- no vinyl as of yet but the 100% legit CD on Wooden Hill is now available for pre-orders via Amazon, Amazon UK and Amazon Japan too. I’ve already pre-ordered one for self, but I also got an advance copy a minute ago and it sounds real nice (with six bonus tracks- my personal fave being “Beachcomber”, a tune that right now I can’t get out of my head). The cover and booklet design is on point as well- as I told Sue, Wooden Hill did an excellent job and gave this album the proper reissue treatment that it deserves, something that I really hoped would happen and gratefully it did. Plus I got a shout out in the credits too! Thanks, Sue.


Man, do I love me some DJ Sarasa. I have never heard her actually deejay (although I’d like to), but I know all that I need to know to understand that she is the greatest of all time. Do you doubt my words? Check the pics below. Many of you may have already seen these amazing photos of her 2010 Halloween costume, but for those who haven’t, get ready to bear witness to the stuff legends are made from. I would tell you all right here and now how much I want to marry this woman and make her the Queen of THAT REAL SCHITT, but I know my wife checks up on my ass this blog from time to time, so I dare not tempt the wrath of the rolling pin (just kidding, honey). Anyway, as I said before, check the pics below and let the awe wash over you. ALL HAIL DJ SARASA.
PS: Her ATCQ costume from I guess a year earlier was bananaramas as well. How on earth will she top these in 2011??? I can’t wait.


Shout out to my family over at DWG aka Diggers With Gratitude… I’m late as usual but for those who haven’t already copped I must plug their latest special project, the second installment of their rare Hip Hop record label poster series. This one features the most sought after promo-only rap 12″s… haven’t gotten my print yet but if I squint my eyes reeeeeal hard and look closely at the above pic I can make out stuff like the Big Red & Diamond D joint, Run DMC “Here We Go”, I think that’s the LL Cool J “No Airplay” that Rare Dave got from me (yep, same one you may have downloaded a few posts ago on this very site), Milk “Get Off My Log”, Big Daddy Kane “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” and many other rare as f–k promos. Super high quality, from what I hear. 700 x 500mm size, only 350 copies printed. Cost- £15 per poster (including worldwide postage). Paypal payments should be made to if you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?).
This exquisite print should hold you until the next Phill Most Chill / DWG project drops… all I can say about that one is OMGWTFLOLOLZOMGFTW!!! I can’t wait. More to come, stay tuned…


If you’re bored at work sitting at your computer with nothing to do, tired of playing solitaire and mah jongg, the first thing you need to do is thank the Lord that your azz hasn’t yet been laid off. After that you may want to check out a spot that’s one of my favorite time wasters, the site. Those who know me know that I have a thing for lists- well, this site has a schittload of the most interesting yet bizarre lists that you will ever see. Keeping it music related, I posted a few selections from Oddee’s 15 Creepiest Album Covers (some of which were too creepy even for THAT REAL SCHITT). A few other favorites- 15 Extraordinary Sand Sculptures (that first one is amazingly the least impressive and yet also the most impressive at the same time), 20 Awesome 3-D Pavement Illusions and World’s Most Flexible Women. Those are barely the tip of the iceberg, though… check ’em out when you have absolutely nothing better to do.


Mos Def – The Ecstatic – IMO this is the best Mos album since Black On Both Sides, maybe even better. Not perfect, but damn good. I hear a lot of folks saying they ain’t feelin’ Dante’s singing, but I like it a lot when he does it like he does it on this album (as in just to accent the rhyming, not trying to be a real full-time this-is-my-day-job singer). Highlights: “Pistola” (love the nod to the Intruders), “Worker’s Comp”, “Supermagic”, “Roses” (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow), “Casa Bey”, “History” (with Mos’ Blackstar compadre Talib Kweli) and “Auditorium”, which features a GREAT guest appearance by The Patch, better known as Slick Rick – check it out below.

Drew Nice – People Music II Enchanted Soulthis may be one of my all time favorite mixes, and I’ve heard a lot of good ones.
Dr. York – New lp
Laura Izibor – From My Heart To Yours (Primo Remix)
Jay-Z – D.O.A. The Death Of Autotune
Tomorrow’s People – Open Soul lp
The Sequins – various
Little Milton – Driftin’ Drifter I need to get into some more of Little Milton’s catalog, he’s one of those dudes I always knew about but never really checked for.
James Brown – Goodbye My Love / JB’s – King Heroin (instrumental) – gotta love those Godfather slow jams
Pirimas 3 – I Don’t Know
Jimmy Bo Horne – Get Happy
The Bionic Woman – The Return Of Bigfoot Pt. 2 (soundtrack from the tv show)
Jimmy Spicer – This Is It – one of my favorite purple label era Def Jam joints
Snap aka Red Clay – Snappage Vol. 1 mixtape – for anybody who thinks I don’t like any southern rap just because it’s from down south… wrong. Snap is one of the nastiest emcees alive IMO… I don’t know how many people are familiar with him, but if you’re not you need to get familiar. This schitt is extremely dope to me.
A lot of stuff off of my guy Matthew Africa‘s blog – stayed up til the sun came up one morning just listening to and downloading schitt… great music
A lot of 60’s-style soul that I can’t mention yet because they’ll be on my new mix (coming soon!).


Well, ya can’t say I don’t try. Unfortunately, to paraphrase what I said in the comments section of my last post, I attempted to live in the present and found that it sucked dog d**k. So I’m going back home to the past, where I belong. See you soon with some more of my old schitt!


So on a day where you really haven’t done anything more important than to take a crap, do you tweet about that? Well, that’s what I tweeted about and here’s the pic of me tweeting in the john right after flushing to prove it (I know, I know… I got about as much couth as that girl spitting out the sunroof through her missing tooth that Doom raps about). Anyway, my current fascination with the Twitter craze is not gonna last for long, I can see that already. I’ll get back to posting up some old azz music in a minute.


Yo… February was slow, we’ll see how it goes for March. Although not much new content was upped last month, I did re-up a lot of the old schitt that was lost when Z-Share effed up in 2008. So if there was anything from months ago that you couldn’t download recently, try again- it might be available now.
Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of stuff that’s still NOT back up. Some because it’s just gonna be a pain in the azz to find the cds the stuff came from and rip ’em again, some because I no longer have the same edits of the clips that I put up previously but some because I might not have the music at all anymore. In ANY format, mp3 or cd or even cassette. Here are some of the joints in question:

worlds famous supreme team w dr rock the force mcs.mp3
lisa lee rahiem pow wow – lisa lee rahiem pow wow – outdoor jam.mp3
wu-tang clan live – track02-001.mp3
wu tang clan – put your hammer down-001.mp3
worlds famous supreme team – track02-001.mp3
grandmaster flowers – brooklyn park jam 1979.mp3
02 dj danny dan the beat man – danny dan cutting breakbeats – gm caz.mp3
zulu nation – 01.mp3 (spoonie gee, busy bee, debbie d & wanda d)
world famous supreme team WHBI 4-13-83
various – track11 big daddy kane a little half steppin.mp3
various – track16 big daddy kane antoinette raw attitude.mp3
jay z – whats in a name.mp3
001soulman – i dont need no protector excerpt for that real schitt.mp3
surprize – 02. sweet love.mp3
01 audobon ballroom 1981 – fantastic 5 busy bee gm caz-001.mp3
willie evans jr. – do it.mp3
willie evans jr. – vaughn.mp3
02 nas – if i ruled the world remix.mp3
03 beanie state prop – dissin nas jada pt 1.mp3 (and pt. 2 as well)
06 jaz-o – dissin jay-z and the roc.mp3
01 grandmaster caz fantastic 5-part 1.mp3
soulman – 01 de la soul – stakes is high remix.mp3
06 the pharcyde – runnin remix.mp3
Africa Bambatta & The Soulsonic Force w/ Cosmic Force live 1980

If any of y’all good people out there who downloaded these joints from here still have any of them and can send them back to me either here in the comments sections or to my e-mail I would surely appreciate it. I would like to re-up everything that was lost (although it’s probably a waste of time anyway, since the vast majority of people who wanted this schitt already got it), but believe me, once the links die out again I will never re-up them again. So anyway, hook a brother up if you got that. And peep the flick up top- 5th & Cecil B hood schitt, son. Spring’s coming, I’m takin’ MAD flicks when it gets warm, yo! Peace out.


Yeah, I know… I’m slackin’ with the content. Sheeeeiit… like y’all payin’ for this real schitt. Until I find the time to post something else of interest, here’s what I’ve been listening to

Oh No – Heavy / Bouncers
The Juice Crew EP (DWG)UNBELIEVABLY great stuff here. The Kool G Rap cuts are better than a lot of the stuff that he actually released back when these were recorded.
Soma Candelaria – I Lost My Way (produced by Willie Evans)SONG OF THE YEAR. That’s how I feel about it, and not just because these are my dudes. For all the people who are waiting for Nas to drop another “Illmatic”, it’s never gonna happen so stop waiting and get with that new SOMA CANDELARIA album when it comes out later this year, in whatever format(s) it comes out in.
Sixto Rodriguez – Sugar Man / Crucify Your Mind It’s killin’ me that I can’t think of who sampled that “Crucify…” schitt… I know somebody did.
Steve Howe – Will O The Wisp
Starsky & Hutch OST
Taana Gardner – When You Touch Me
Gwen McCrae – All This Love That I’m Givin’
Stairsteps – Throwin’ Stones Atcha / Pasado / In The Beginningbeen diggin’ this “2nd Resurrection” album for a minute now.
Edwin Starr & Blinky – We’ll Find a Way
The Valentinos – The Death Of Love
Bessie Banks – Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can’t Do It)
First Love – The Love I Had
Greyboy – Love (featuring Nino Moschella)
Pauline Croze – self titled lp & Un Bruit Qui Court lp
This was a nice “Shazam” moment for me… heard some music playing as I passed an outdoor bistro on South Street, whipped out my iPhone, utilized the Shazam app and just like that I discovered French chanteuse Pauline Croze. Real nice stuff for me, although I’m sure a lot of y’all rugged azz internetters would consider this “Starbucks music”… well, if that’s so then I guess I like Starbucks music as well as THAT REAL SCHITT.
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No / The New Holidays – Maybe So, Maybe No – I like BOTH versions, original and Haircut’s remake. I am still a real Soulman, though… y’all can’t fade me.
Blowfly – his first 5 or 6 albums
All the old ones, like “On Tour” and “Butterfly” and “On TV”, all that schitt… rocked those on the iPod while prepping and painting one of the bathrooms in my house last weekend. I hate engaging in menial labor, but Blowfly helped.