Yo… February was slow, we’ll see how it goes for March. Although not much new content was upped last month, I did re-up a lot of the old schitt that was lost when Z-Share effed up in 2008. So if there was anything from months ago that you couldn’t download recently, try again- it might be available now.
Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of stuff that’s still NOT back up. Some because it’s just gonna be a pain in the azz to find the cds the stuff came from and rip ’em again, some because I no longer have the same edits of the clips that I put up previously but some because I might not have the music at all anymore. In ANY format, mp3 or cd or even cassette. Here are some of the joints in question:

worlds famous supreme team w dr rock the force mcs.mp3
lisa lee rahiem pow wow – lisa lee rahiem pow wow – outdoor jam.mp3
wu-tang clan live – track02-001.mp3
wu tang clan – put your hammer down-001.mp3
worlds famous supreme team – track02-001.mp3
grandmaster flowers – brooklyn park jam 1979.mp3
02 dj danny dan the beat man – danny dan cutting breakbeats – gm caz.mp3
zulu nation – 01.mp3 (spoonie gee, busy bee, debbie d & wanda d)
world famous supreme team WHBI 4-13-83
various – track11 big daddy kane a little half steppin.mp3
various – track16 big daddy kane antoinette raw attitude.mp3
jay z – whats in a name.mp3
001soulman – i dont need no protector excerpt for that real schitt.mp3
surprize – 02. sweet love.mp3
01 audobon ballroom 1981 – fantastic 5 busy bee gm caz-001.mp3
willie evans jr. – do it.mp3
willie evans jr. – vaughn.mp3
02 nas – if i ruled the world remix.mp3
03 beanie state prop – dissin nas jada pt 1.mp3 (and pt. 2 as well)
06 jaz-o – dissin jay-z and the roc.mp3
01 grandmaster caz fantastic 5-part 1.mp3
soulman – 01 de la soul – stakes is high remix.mp3
06 the pharcyde – runnin remix.mp3
Africa Bambatta & The Soulsonic Force w/ Cosmic Force live 1980

If any of y’all good people out there who downloaded these joints from here still have any of them and can send them back to me either here in the comments sections or to my e-mail I would surely appreciate it. I would like to re-up everything that was lost (although it’s probably a waste of time anyway, since the vast majority of people who wanted this schitt already got it), but believe me, once the links die out again I will never re-up them again. So anyway, hook a brother up if you got that. And peep the flick up top- 5th & Cecil B hood schitt, son. Spring’s coming, I’m takin’ MAD flicks when it gets warm, yo! Peace out.


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