For those who may have missed it from the fall of 2013, me and my guy the omnipotent DJ Format did a nice little mix / battle for Ninja Tune‘s Solid Steel Radio Show pitting some of the UK’s illest random rap selections from the late 80’s – early 90’s era against a similar collection of gems originating from good ol’ Philly PA here in the U.S. of A. With Format repping the UK and me standing up for my city of brotherly love, natch. Although it was my job to make Britain look not so Great, I gotta admit Format pulled some serious heat out of those UK Hip Hop crates. I think I repped Philly pretty nicely with the obscure facemelters, though. You be the judge, who won the battle? Either way, when good rap schitt is dropped it’s a victory all the way around, and that’s what really counts.

Phill Most Chill

Hip City Swingers _ I’m the Man _ B-Brothers Platinum Records
DJ Todd 1 _ The Jam _ Cut Up!
IBM Nation _ Brainiac _ Inner City Records
B-Fresh _ Watch My DJ Get Busy _ Raw Records
Courageous Chief _ Verbal Surgery _ Tirade
Phill Most Chill _ On The Hype Tip _ DWG
Plush Bros _ Back To The Lab _ Plush Records
MC Prelitique _ No More Lies _ Maine Records
Heavy Action _ He’s Treacherous _ Rough Cut Productions
Robbie B & Jazzy Jay _ Boogie Down _ R.B.A. Records
Legion Of Doom _ Live Bait _ Bill Collectors Inc.
Three Times Dope _ Improvin’ The Groovin’ _ Arista
Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad _ T.L. Back To Yell _ Sure Shot Records
AKR _ AKR Made It _ Park Place Records

DJ Format

Demon Boyz _ Lyrical Culture _ Music Of Life
Powercut Crew (feat. Mistri-D) _ God Made Me Funky _ Vinyl Lab Records
MC Mell ‘O’ _ Talk Dem Way _ Funki Dred
Gutter Snypes _ Flatline _ Liberty Grooves
Hijack _ I Had To Serve You _ Warner Bros
Krispy 3 _ Back It Up _ Kold Sweat
Unanimous Decision _ Simply Dope _ Kold Sweat
Son Of Noise _ Ill Justice _ Music Of Life
Bushkiller _ 92 Salute _ Danger Records
K.C.F Productions (feat. C-Madd E) _ Words ‘N’ Musik _ GTI Records
Dominant Force _ Criminals _ Gangster Records
MC’s Logik _ We’re On A Mission _ Submission Records
Shogun MC _ The Struggle Continues _ Blue Chip Records
Sunshine Power _ It’s Too Late _ Sing A Song Records


Mad pics of the PMC ACRR bundles poppin’ up on Facebook and the DWG site, among other spots… super ill. Mr. Cratedigger, I want that fly v-stitch goose, my brother! For those that missed the bundles but still want to cop, you knew it was gonna happen- eBay is calling your name. I may have to bid on that bad boy my damn self.


Just letting those interested know where we stand as of right now: the limited edition bundle with the colored vinyl and extras is SOLD OUT (everything flew out within hours of availability…. wowww). The double black vinyl lp is still available but it too may be sold out very soon, so I would advise any and all wanting to cop the album to do so ASAP. The CDs should be around awhile longer. More info in the comments. Thanks to everyone who bought the record, your support is appreciated to the fullest!


Pre-orders for the limited edition Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” DOUBLE VINYL LP (ill unreleased joints from the 1987-1990 “On Tempo Jack” era) begin on MONDAY JUNE 6th- be sure to check the Diggers With Gratitude forum for more details right here. I’m gonna keep it funky with y’all… I know these limited edition joints may be a little steep for some folks’ budgets, but if you can at all afford it I’d advise you to spring for that full bundle. Not because it’s gonna put loot in my pocket but because we tried to lace y’all with a package that hopefully would be worth the money spent and then some. I really think we succeeded. MAN. I’m extremely excited myself in anticipation of getting the finished products in my hands… can’t wait like Bart Scott.


Super ill new joint droppin’ on Slice-of-Spice Records (Slice-of-Spice is allied up with THAT REAL SCHITT, DWG, In Effect, World Of Beats and everything else that I’m affiliated with, so anything they’re droppin’ you need to be coppin’)- well, new in that SSR is just releasing it but in reality this sureshot was birthed back in 2001. My homie Paul Nice on the beat, legendary Juice Crew alumni Masta Ace on the m.c. rhymes. And of course I can tell you all day and night how fresh this record is, but why trust what I’m telling you when you can just listen on the embedded youtube-avision down below and see for yourself that the schitt is dope on a rope. Ordering info can be found right here (ya lost one if you ain’t gettin’ that Brooklyn Dodger blue vinyl, my mellow). This record is part uno of the three part Paul Nice Signature Seven Series (I’m not going to explain to you how three equals seven… figure it out for yourself by checking right here) featuring not only Ace but also Guru (R.I.P.) and the diabolical Biz Markie– now that’s real Hip Hop star power.
BTW, Paul Nice is comin’ back like a super ninja… also dropping new Drum Library records and collaborating with yours truly on some new stuff… more on that as we proceed.


Shameless self promotion, I know… that’s Hip Hop, baby. The long awaited, often rumoured but yet to materialize Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” limited edition double vinyl lp on DWG is finally about to happen… June 2011 or DIE (no, I’m not gonna kill any of the Diggers With Gratitude if it comes out later than June… it’s just a figure of speech). And here is a short little promo trailer for the upcoming album. More to come concerning this project, possibly LOTS more. Please spread the word and brace for impact. PEACE.


Finally on wax- two joints you’ve heard previously right here at THAT REAL SCHITT. Paul Nice w/ Phill Most Chill “Neva Stop Diggin'” and Jorun Bombay w/ Phill Most Chill “Smash”, together on ONE 7″ piece of 45 rpm spinnin’ black gold courtesy of my favorite record label DWG. Actually black AND gold (or at least yellow) vinyl… the earliest responders will be lucky enough to cop the limited yellow vinyl pressing, all later customers can cop the black vinyl (you may have to hurry to get that one as well). Info on the record and how to order can be found here. Don’t sleep, get ya some like Melvin Sparks while they’re available. Totally an honor to work with such incredible producers as Pauly and Jo, and I hope we can do it again one of these days (I’m rhymin’ ’til they commit me to the Old Ass Rappers Nursing Home, f**k whatcha heard!).
BTW, I just thought about it… maybe when it’s all said and done I’ll be to DWG what LL Cool J was to Def Jam. Or something to that effect. Crazy, right? I need to work on my abs.


A schittload of old school tapes have flooded the internets since I first started dropping my Hip Hop Lessons for the holidays a few years back, so I wasn’t so sure that there was still a need for me to continue with it. But, as always, the people have spoken and informed me that the world is still in need of an education on the true meaning of Hip Hop. So here we go again-

COLD CRUSH BROTHERS vs. DOCTOR ROCK & THE FORCE MC’S One of the great battle tapes from Hip Hop’s early days, a battle that was really more like a sucker punch TKO. The CC4 had no idea that a battle was even taking place, so they did their normal show then bounced to go make another engagement later that night. After the Cold Crush was gone from the premises, the Force MC’s took the stage and proceeded to go at them with an unprecedented level of sheer disrespect, even beyond Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee preportions. As legend has it, when the Cold Crush later got wind of what had gone down, they made a point of stepping to the Force HARD the next time their paths crossed- made them apologize and seriously warned them to never pull a stunt like that again. What surprised me when I read about this battle was that the Force MC’s really were not all that respected among the top groups of the day… I know they were from Staten Island, which at that time I guess was like being from Martha’s Vinyard as far as the hardcore Bronx dudes were concerned. But I’d heard so many tapes where the Force was rocking at shows with all the other groups and were killing it with the harmonies and routines, I just assumed that everybody respected them as being among the elite. Regardless, they most definitely made their mark in the streets with this battle- if you don’t already have it you certainly need it.

COLD CRUSH BROTHERS & TREACHEROUS THREE BOATRIDE TO BEAR MOUNTAIN, 1982I used to go to Bear Mountain (in Verplanck, NY) almost every summer when I was a teenager… a great place to see nature and all that schitt but also an ideal spot to bring a few cases of brew and find a secluded flat rock up in the hills where you could get busy with the fly girly of your choosing. Such fond memories. Anyway, it seems that some of the early Hip Hop legends also used to venture out to the Mountain- by boat, it would appear- and actually did shows during their fantastic voyage. This clip features LA Sunshine and Moe Dee of the Treach rockin’ the m-i-c along with Easy AD, JDL and GMC of the Cold Crush, with the highlight being Caz not only saying the original “Knucklehead Rap” but ALSO the rarely heard part two.

TREACHEROUS THREE FREESTYLING Yes, I know I post a lot of clips with the Treach rhyming… an indication of how much admiration I have for the group and their skills in their heyday. I was blown away by “New Rap Language” back in 1980 and just thought T3 had the best rhymes out of all the other groups runnin’ schitt in the early days. Most crews back then had one or maybe two emcees who were strong and then the rest of them were kinda nondescript, but all three of the Treacherous rappers were real nice IMO… super clear voices, style, intelligent well constructed lyrics, etc. For me, not much beats hearing Moe, LA and K rhyming to “Life On Mars”, “Truck Turner”, etc… RAW.

MASTERDON AND DEATH COMMITTEE (a.k.a. The Turn It Out Three), HARLEM WORLD 1982 – A couple of clips from one of my favorite old school tapes. Always love those Death Committee routines back when Boo-Ski was down with the crew. And BTW, for those who don’t know, in the Hip Hop world “def” was spelled D-E-A-T-H before Def Jam records hit the scene in ’84.

FEARLESS FOUR at HARLEM WORLD, 1982 – Since a few people requested more Fearless Four recently and my homeboy Oldskool4real said he hadn’t heard many tapes with the whole crew together, here’s a clip with DLB, Tito, Mike C and Peso passing the mic around during one of their shows at Harlem World sometime between the release of “It’s Magic” and “Rockin’ It”. Would’ve included more of their performance but IMO their harmonizing routines really were not their strongpoint so I cut those parts out… maybe I’ll drop the whole show some other time.
SOULSONIC FORCE & JAZZY JAY at the T-CONNECTION, 1980Love those Zulu Nation tapes- they’re always rocking some beats you don’t hear on anybody else’s tapes. This time I’m hearing stuff like Kenny Rogers‘ “Tulsa Turnaround” and “Funky Soul Shake” by E.T. White.

There you have it… as always, if you are looking for the full tapes and / or for other long lost old school live Hip Hop cassettes, hit up my brother Troy L. Smith over at the Old School Hip Hop forum (and Troy, if you want to feel free to leave your contact info in the comments or get in touch with me and I’ll put the info up right here). Class dismissed.