Super ill new joint droppin’ on Slice-of-Spice Records (Slice-of-Spice is allied up with THAT REAL SCHITT, DWG, In Effect, World Of Beats and everything else that I’m affiliated with, so anything they’re droppin’ you need to be coppin’)- well, new in that SSR is just releasing it but in reality this sureshot was birthed back in 2001. My homie Paul Nice on the beat, legendary Juice Crew alumni Masta Ace on the m.c. rhymes. And of course I can tell you all day and night how fresh this record is, but why trust what I’m telling you when you can just listen on the embedded youtube-avision down below and see for yourself that the schitt is dope on a rope. Ordering info can be found right here (ya lost one if you ain’t gettin’ that Brooklyn Dodger blue vinyl, my mellow). This record is part uno of the three part Paul Nice Signature Seven Series (I’m not going to explain to you how three equals seven… figure it out for yourself by checking right here) featuring not only Ace but also Guru (R.I.P.) and the diabolical Biz Markie– now that’s real Hip Hop star power.
BTW, Paul Nice is comin’ back like a super ninja… also dropping new Drum Library records and collaborating with yours truly on some new stuff… more on that as we proceed.

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