In between the last Headphone Music post and the next one, the main thing I’ve been listening to is a fantastic mix by my guy Jared Boxx, formerly of The Sound Library record shoppe and now reppin’ Big City Records, NYC. This mix, entitled Thanks For Waiting, features some rare and ridiculously nice soul music- I guess the kind that most people today would call modern soul or boogie or whatever.

Me, I’m from back in the days when that soul actually was modern so I don’t know nuthin’ about those particular monikers… it’s just soul or R&B to me. But you know how it goes, a rose by any other name yadda yadda.
Anyway, one of my favorite joints out of many on Jared’s mix is by an obscure group out of Cali named Spaceark. I could type out a quick bio on them, but you know I’m not going to go to the trouble to do that. But I will do something even better and link you to this site that will tell you just about everything you could ever want to know about the group.
But back to the song, “Welcome To My Door”… this might be on my list of all time favorite songs (I probably have over 10,000 tunes on said list so I don’t know how special that designation really is). It’s basically a song about hitting the pipe- I assume a pipe full of weed since this is from back in the 70’s and not the crackpipe era of the 80’s, but who really knows what the hell Spaceark was tokin’ on even back in 1978. Regardless, just as Troy Raglin sings it, this jam has me “feelin’ fine all the time”.

SPACEARK – Welcome To My Door
SPACEARK – Color World lp


Just got interviewed by the homie Jonathan Paycheck for his Good Records NYC blog, so be sure to head over there and check it out after you’re done checking this out. Very nice blog and, from what i hear, very nice record shoppe (I have never actually been there because I don’t think I’ve even been back to New York since the store opened, but I will definitely come through one of these days). So yes, this is a ringing endorsement from your man Soul- although I have never set foot in this fine establishment I encourage you to go to Good Records NYC with fat pockets, buy all the wall items and basically any other album that has a nice cover until your fat pockets are depleted and THEN run up an absurd amount on your credit cards as well. Because, as we all should know, records are the truth. Money (and good credit) may come and go, but the truth is forever. What up Jonny!