This is already all over everyplace and got the internets goin’ nuts but I wanted to put it here on THAT REAL SCHITT too. Because I got somethin’ to say on this. First of all- great track, Hov and No I.D. So sorely needed. What’s funny to me, though, is seeing some people who have been down with the recent trends in today’s so-called relevant rap world suddenly jumping ship. I hate hypocrites. Keep it 100, y’all li’l b**ches! You down with the stanky leg, ride that schitt to the end! If you were down with what my man Danny Dan The Beatman calls that “gay robot” schitt don’t bail the f**k out now that Jay-Z has proclaimed that schitt dead and stinkin’! I could actually have some respect for that. Have some conviction, suckers. I hate hypocrites and I hate fair weather muthaf**kas just as much. Other than that, if you haven’t heard “D.O.A.” yet check the link down below and have a nice day.

Jay-Z – D.O.A. Death Of Autotune


I love the young people. Oh, I know that some of you probably think I don’t like the young people and their chicken noodle soups and their supermanning of that ho. No, no… I LOVE the youth. As a matter of fact, I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let THEM lead the way. Show them all the… well, you dig where I’m comin’ from. Just because I ride for THAT REAL SCHITT (a foreign concept to most youngins) doesn’t mean that I have anything against those that are not in my age bracket.
What I actually feel for the young is pity. I feel sorry for y’all, man! The powers that be are doing you so, so wrong in so, so many ways and I doubt that most of you even realize it. We could go in many different directions with this, but let’s just keep it in the realm of music. I know, I know… “Phill, you may be on THAT REAL SCHITT but to us your real schitt is just some old bullschitt. We’re quite happy with the new music we are receiving and you really just need to take your rheumatism medicine, grab your walker and GTFOOHWTBS.” I’ve heard it all before like Sunshine Anderson. Hey, feel however you want to feel about it, but I’m STILL gonna tell you what it really is- y’all are being had and you need to know it.

I was recently looking at this Youtube clip of Marvin Gaye flippin’ the National Anthem at the NBA All Star game back in 1983 and I couldn’t help but think… DAMN. When was the last time anybody gave a truly great performance like this? Who are the artists of this generation who are even CAPABLE of doing something as special as this? Where is this generation’s Marvin Gaye? Throw some names at me, dog. Ne-Yo? Chris Brown? Omarion? I’m not talking about underground dudes who have talent (and there definitely are some of those today), I’m talking dudes who are at the TOP of the game, who are on that ICON level. I guess the one name that will be put out there would be R. Kelly, and there’s no doubt that he is a twisted genius with all kinds of musical talent. But my question is what is he really doing with all that talent? And even if that question is disregarded, R. Kelly is like around 40, isn’t he? So he’s an old head anyway. But f**k it, I’ll GIVE y’all R. Kelly. Now… where’s your Stevie Wonder? Where’s your Al Green? Your Michael Jackson, your Prince…. we can go on and on with this, cousin. GREATNESS that’s gonna stand the test of time- not one hot album or a few undeniable club bangers- GREATNESS. That’s what we’re talking about here, and it is just missing.
I apologize, young people… I’m really not trying to debate with you or battle over which era had the better musical artists (it’s really not a contest, is it?). My only objective with today’s rant is to sympathize with y’all. Ya been done WRONG. It’s not your fault. Feel free to speak on it in the comments if you wish- I’ve said what I had to say.