My guys the Bankrupt Europeans have finally dropped Vol. 1 of their “The Platinum Era Series” 12 inches, the first of which features Phill Most Chill (that would be me) rockin’ the mic in the lead role of this “The Fast Rap” extended play joint. We did this stuff about five or six years ago and had a ball going back and forth, with my man D.J. Snafu sending me beats and me sending back acapellas over and over ’til we had something. I really liked the B.E.’s sound from the very first listen- had that retro soul feel yet still with a more modern crispness / cleanness. Nod your head music as well as sweat off a few pounds doing the running man on the dance floor music… good stuff in my opinion. Please check out the fruits of our mid-2000’s real schitt labor on the Bankrupt Euros’ Soundcloud page, and if you’re feelin’ it (or even if you just want to make a future investment for a record that may be worth millions one day in the random rap future- that’s cool too) I’ve been told that you can find out how to buy yourself a copy or five from the Bankrupt Europeans’ Facebook page (or if you don’t do Facebook you can email them directly right here). More stuff is coming from the B.E.’s with iconic real rap legends such as Chill Rob G and A.G. among others, so keep an eye out for these cats.


  1. Sounds very dope! Great drums on those tracks, too.

    I can´t wait to hear the collaboration with Chill Rob G. I loved his album and I think he is one of the most underrated MCs out there…too bad that SNAP took away his deserved fame for “Power”.

  2. More Phill Most Chill wax is always welcome in my record collection!!

  3. It's not limited to 20 copies or something is it? I always find out about dope schitt when it is too late is why I asked.

  4. Yoooooo i love this blog man… want to do biz with you- the art the music… bananaz!
    my twitter is @quanzillions

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