I told you right here on this blogsite about four years ago that Willie Evans Jr. was the future… well, the future is now and Willie Ev is beyond even that. Here’s a couple of Youtubes that illustrate what I’m saying way better than my inadequate words would ever be able to.Shout out to Paten Locke and I’m givin’ one to Aloe Blacc too (I also happen to be a big fan of his video for “Loving You Is Killing Me” that Willie chopped up to make the joint below).

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  1. I been on willie evans since 07 when Dirt E Dutch played that “Communication” joint on the indiefeed podcast. Something about his solo album is ridiculous in the headphones. Glad someone else knows whats up.

    One of my favorite joints he produced is “Breathe in the Sun” by the Perceptionists. get @ me man, I dig your shit.

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