L.I., or as the real heads said it back then, STRONG ISLAND, was the place to be in hip hop back in the late 80’s… the music industry is soooo funny, it’s like one or two acts come out of a certain town, city or region and blow up, then all of a sudden it’s like “damn, must be sumthin’ in the tap water over thar, givin’ these kids magical rappin’ powers! Let’s go sign ALL of them to recording contracts!” DumB asses. ANYWAY, I remember really diggin’ this joint that came out of Hempstead back in 1988, courtesy of SUGAR BEAR The Powerful Powerlord (and you gotta say the full name, don’t try to shorten it to just “Sugar Bear” like it says on the Coslit label… no, it’s SUGAR BEAR The Powerful Powerlord. Say it right.). I am assuming it orginally came out on the aforementioned little Coslit Records as a local Hempstead sureshot, brought some noise and then got picked up by indy rap monolith Next Plateau. I say assuming because I really don’t know, just makes sense to me from the tiny bit of research I did on this record… I told you last post that I’m not much of a journalist. Any random rap historians out there who want to verify that info please do so.

A two sided joint in which both sides are slammin’- as a consumer, you gotta love the value. “Don’t Scandalize Mine” got ’em open with that well known Talking Heads sample, and the b-side won again (in my opinion anyway) as “Ready To Penetrate” pimped out a dope Olympic Runners classic loop with some Cerrone, Kool & The Gang and other elements thrown in. I used to know the source of the vocal hook, too… Pointer Sisters or somebody? Probably not… I can’t remember all these damn samples no more.

My dude SUGAR BEAR The Powerful Powerlord really isn’t the most lyrical rapper to ever hold a mic, but he still brings a lot of flavor to the track. Which is sometimes all you need to be a one-underground-hit wonder. Put on your fat gold chains and wop along with me, G…

SUGAR BEAR The Powerful Powerlord – Don’t Scandalize Mine RE-UPPED

SUGAR BEAR The Powerful Powerlord – Ready To Penetrate RE-UPPED


  1. Whachugonnado when you see Olympic Runners!!Pick it up. Pick it up.

  2. ‘Scandalize Mine’ still rocks a crowd to this very day! I only discovered the Richie Rich & Sugar Bear track ‘Coming From London’ recently. Not a bad track and one that I didnt know existed untill recently (even though I must have filpped past the Richie Rich album many times over the years and never noticed that it had Sugar Bear on it).

  3. CLASSIC!!! I forgot about Ready to Penetrate. Brings back great memories. Thanks

  4. Ha. Brings back bad memories. Almost got arrested with Bear in the city. Cops rushed the car, blocked the street…..fuck it….tears are rolling…ENOUGH!

  5. Does anyone know anything about this Sugar Bear? Who he is? where he is now? Love this track

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