NFL 2007

Most of y’all who are here reading this blog probably are not all that interested in NFL football (as in AMERICAN football, not to be confused with the sport with the guys running around in shorts kicking a round white ball all over the place that’s probably the most popular sport everywhere in the world EXCEPT America). Well, I am an avid NFL fan and during this time of year football pretty much dominates almost everything in my universe. So I’m gonna briefly cover what’s going on in the league hopefully on a weekly basis for the duration of the season. Any football fans out there please join me in my NFL fanaticism, leave comments, rep your squad, whuteva… those who are not interested just chill until I drop the next Cold Crush tape or break mix (i’ll keep you fed, don’t worry).
Views on the season so far- AFC: the Patriots would be hard to beat even if they DIDN’T have tape recordings of the signals of all 31 other teams. With the signals they STEAMROLL everybody. Bob Sanders is a beast for the Colts. Matt Schaub is the real deal and Houston might be pretty damn good this year. Mike Tomlin is gonna be a really good coach in the NFL. Norv Turner never will be. The Bengals will be fun to watch this year, but they will not be a factor in January. Denver… I’m just not buying. There is something about Vince Young and that Titans team… they shouldn’t be very good, but they might actually be a playoff team this season. I think Steve McNair is finished. NFC: Right now I like the Cowboys over everybody in the NFC. What the hell happened to the Saints??? I gave Rex Grossman the benefit of the doubt, but he didn’t deserve it- he really does suck. 49er fans are getting happy… don’t. Not yet. Same with Lions and Cardinals fans (although now that it looks like Arizona has a decent O-line I think they could do some things). The Eagles are not a good team, but Brian Westbrook is a great talent. He’s being wasted in Philly. McNabb is hurt and shouldn’t even be playing. My ass is tired of Andy Reid’s tired ass. Adrian Peterson (the one who plays for the Vikings) is gonna be a MONSTER. Green Bay plays in a hella weak NFC so they’ll win some games but they still aren’t a good team. Overall the league stinks right now. I’ll be back watching next Sunday, though.


  1. willie effing parker – remember who FIRST told you he was the truth, cuddo. -Soma

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