One of these days I’m gonna post a rant about so called “Hip Hop” people who don’t care about drumbreaks. “Oh, I’m soooooo over drumbreaks, nobody cares about drumbreaks anymore, f**k a drumbreak, yaddayaddayadda”. Right. Well, I love a dope drumbreak just like always- guess I’m more Hip Hop than you. HAH.
Well, even if you’re a 36 year old nerd who still lives in your room at your mother’s house and you don’t love drumbreaks anymore, you may appreciate this post from a rare record perspective at least. The band is Surprize and the album is “Keep On Truckin”. Knowledgable beat heads will recognize the title and the break that’s found on it, the hard rocking “Sweet Love” (heard on the infamous Vinyl Dog break records and sampled by The Roots, among others). Now, I’ve seen the og album many times, but this copy I have here is the ONLY copy I’ve ever seen with this cheap ass black-and-white cover. I found it at a flea market for a buck back in the mid 90s and since then I’ve asked numerous dealers and collectors if they’d ever seen the album with this cover before. Everybody I talked to said nada, so I’m just wondering if any of y’all big dudes have ever come across this one in your crate digging adventures. If so, holler at a beatman and let me know what it is. If no then I’m just the king of beats… get on my level. Lololol



  1. I’d like to hear that rant about the drum records, everyone uses CD library drums it sounds terrible. I used to chill with Sean and Mike from Vinyl Dogs they were cool peoples. Those two knew their shit. If you like drum records peep my blog I put up some youtube videos playing some original drum records, got 3 parts up with some more on the way, not quite on the level with your crates but few are lol

  2. Miss hearing a DJ get busy with two copies of a dope break. Off topic a little but it feels that one could partly put it down to the fact that right now there are a lot of show ponies into scenes rather than good music, their traditions / histories and way too many deejays who don’t go beyond what’s popular, or even “in” at the time with the crowd wherever they’re spinning. Nice post Phil.

  3. Dope dope post. All hail the mighty drum break, the backbone of REAL hip hop. I’d almost rather see a regression to everyone ONLY using UBB records nowadays instead of keyboard sounds and CD-ROM sample kits. Of course digging for obscure breaks is what makes this shit fun, but the average cat rocking a Triton has no concept of this part of our culture. Babysteps…backwards…

  4. and there you have it, eons one… give me substitutionapachedaisy ladydancetothedrummersbeatfunkydrummerthemohawkslifeonmarsamenbrothermarymary etc etc ALL DAY LONG. that music right there IS HIP HOP… all these new jack revisionist history types want to try to wipe that out of the history books and say that “now hip hop is whatever WE want it to be”… no, it’s not. HIP HOP IS WHAT IT ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. the true ones will always know what the real schit is, the rest of yall are not even a part of the conversation. PEACE

  5. phill,your copy of surprize is a bootleg that those african dvd dudes still sell up on 52nd!!!!!!!!!!just playin, had to come back at you for that crack about livin at ma’s house. but i’m 33 so i wont take it personal. is the label, tracklisting,mixdown any different on your copy of surprize? harder drumz,perchance?-tonytone

  6. yo twippledab- you are ownin’ AND buildin’, so you of course are not lumped in with the others who stay at they mother’s. Plus you luh the kids. Plus you still love breaks! I don’t think my Surprize sounds any different than the more well known versions, but who knows for sure. For the hell of it, let’s just say that my joint is without the bells and I copped it in an East Coast Records suitcase. Holy grail… GOT IT! ahahaha

  7. dope record (not braggin) me & my man had that in always the soulman comes thru wit the xsclusive schitt

  8. What up skills… show the picture or we don't believe you. Just sayin', fam.

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